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NSpeex - Speex for .Net and Silverlight


The aim of this project is to have a .Net and Silverlight library for the Speex codec. The original source can be found under http://speex.org/

Xiph Media Encoder


Xiph Media Encoder is a wizard which help you to transcode automatically audio files in FLAC, Vorbis and Speex. It generates flexible PowerShell scripts.

freac - The fre:ac audio converter project

  •    C++

fre:ac is a free and open source audio converter. It supports audio CD ripping and tag editing and converts between various audio formats. Pre-built packages for Windows, macOS, Linux and FreeBSD are available at freac.org.

superfast - :zap: SuperFast codecs for fre:ac

  •    C

This repository provides multi-threaded MP3, AAC, Opus and Speex codec drivers for use with the fre:ac audio converter. The components use multiple instances of the respective codecs in parallel to provide faster processing on systems with multiple CPU cores. The idea to use multiple codec instances to speed-up audio encoding goes back to 2006 when the LAME MT project tried to build a multi-threaded MP3 encoder. This project picks up the original idea behind LAME MT and takes it to AAC, Opus and Speex encoding in addition to MP3.

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