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WPF Sound Visualization Library

The WPF Sound Visualization Library is a collection of WPF Controls for graphically displaying data related to sound processing. Current controls include a Spectrum Analyzer, Waveform Timeline, and an Album Art Display Panel.


ZXMAK2 is a plugin based ZX Spectrum Virtual Machine. On the other hand, this is flexible ZX Spectrum emulator.

d3-audio-spectrum - Spectrum analysis demo using D3 and HTML5 audio

This is a spectrum analyzer demo that I did for fun using the HTML5 Web Audio API, dsp.js and d3.js. A frequency sweep mp3 is included for demo purposes but any audio file can be used.

Spectrum4Leaflet - Spectrum Spatial javascript toolkit for Leaflet

Leaflet plugin for Spectrum Spatial server. This javascript API helps to you work with Spectrum Spatial server services in Leaflet maps. This API contains base rest-service wrappers, layers for Leaflet maps and controls.