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SpecFlow TFS Linker


SpecFlow TFS Linker is an Extension for VS that help team to work with the SpecFlow tools and TFS. This tools allow you to generate automatically SpecFlow Feature file and Step Definition and make a link with the User Story and Test case write in TFS.

Pickler: SpecFlow Feature File Editor


Pickler allows users to edit SpecFlow files to be written in the Gherkin language efficiently. This includes syntax highlighting and table reformatting so that it need no be done by hand. Visual Studio with SpecFlow support will handles this functionality. This tool is ...

Specflow Example

  •    DotNet

Some examples with BDD tool Specflow


  •    CSharp

SpecFlow.xUnitAdapter is an xUnit adapter for SpecFlow that allows running scenarios without code generation. See my blog post (http://gasparnagy.com/2017/04/specflow-without-code-behind-files/) for more information and background, you can also look at the complete example at https://github.com/gasparnagy/SpecFlow.xUnitAdapter/tree/master/sample/MyCalculator or watch the video demo on YouTube.

SpecFlow.NetCore - A (hopefully) temporary solution to get SpecFlow and .NET Core to play nice

  •    CSharp

⚠️ SpecFlow itself (and by extension this project) is currently limited to Windows platforms with .NET Framework v4.5.1+, or non-Windows with Mono. As at the time of writing (September 2016), the SpecFlow for Visual Studio 2015 extension does not play well with .NET Core projects.

SpecFlow.Assist.Dynamic - Extension methods to create dynamic objects from SpecFlow tables

  •    CSharp

SpecFlow.Assist.Dynamic is a couple of simple extension methods for the SpecFlow Table object that helps you to write less code.

SeleniumWithSpecflow - In this sample project we will demonstrate how to execute Specflow test in parallel using Selenium and NUnit 3

  •    HTML

Specflow Parallel Test Execution with Specflow and NUnit 3.x project is mainly aimed to demonstrate how we can run Specflow scenarios in parallel using NUnit 3.x Parallelizable Attribute [Parallelizable]. We will create extent report in BDD style using Specflow and Selenium C# with bare minimal code change in our existing code base.

Test.Automation - C# Framework to automate tests using Selenium WebDriver

  •    CSharp

Test Framework was designed in Objectivity to propose common way how people should create Selenium WebDriver tests. For all documentation, visit the Test.Automation Wiki.

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