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node-speaker - Output PCM audio data to the speakers

  •    Javascript

A Writable stream instance that accepts PCM audio data and outputs it to the speakers. The output is backed by mpg123's audio output modules, which in turn use any number of audio backends commonly found on Operating Systems these days.Here's an example of piping stdin to the speaker, which should be 2 channel, 16-bit audio at 44,100 samples per second (a.k.a CD quality audio).

devroadshow2017 - Mozilla's Developer Roadshow 2017

  •    HTML

The Roadshow is a meetup-style, Mozilla-focused event series for people who build the Web. Hear from expert speakers highlighting the latest and best in Mozilla and Firefox technologies.This schedule will be continually updated with links as registration opens. Check back if your city is not yet listed or open for registration. We won’t be able to fit every city this year! But we will keep a tally of cities to plan for in future Roadshows.

speakers - Speaker count for 370 languages

  •    Javascript

Speaker count for 450+ languages.Painstakingly crawled by hand from OHCHR, the numbers are (in some cases, very) rough estimates or out-of-date.

dekk - 👁 A presentation tool written in react.js

  •    Javascript

Dekk is a modular presentation library written in React.js. To create your first Deck we recommend reading the Getting started guide. It will show you how to use a precofugured Dekk to create your presentation.

SFX-I2S-web-trigger - ESP8266 Sound F/X I2S web trigger

  •    Arduino

Press the 0 button to play file T0.wav, press the 1 button to play file T1.wav, etc. The web interface is identical the related project SFX-web-trigger. The other project uses a much more expensive MP3/OGG decoder board. This project uses a $6 I2S DAC with 3W audio amplifier board. The WAV audio files are stored in the ESP8266 Flash. Most ESP-12s boards and modules come with 4 Mbytes of Flash of which 3 MBbytes is used as a Flash file system named SPIFFS. To store the WAV files in the SPIFFS file system, create a data directory in the same directory with the .INO file. Copy WAV files to the directory with names T0.wav, T1.wav, ... T9.wav. Install the SPIFFS upload tool. Use the tool to upload the WAV files to the ESP8266 Flash.

voxceleb - mirror of VoxCeleb dataset - a large-scale speaker identification dataset

  •    Shell

This repo contains the download links to the VoxCeleb dataset, described in [1]. VoxCeleb contains over 100,000 utterances for 1,251 celebrities, extracted from videos uploaded to YouTube. The dataset is gender balanced, with 55% of the speakers male. The speakers span a wide range of different ethnicities, accents, professions and ages. There are no overlapping identities between development and test sets.

airtunes2mqtt - Multi-Room Audio based on Airplay/Airtunes with MQTT support :speaker:

  •    Javascript

This is a little daemon that can retrieve an audio stream via TCP socket or from a Alsa Loopback device and stream it to one or more Airplay/Airtunes compatible receivers. Via its Web UI or MQTT you can control the receivers volume and enable/disable the receivers. I'm using it in conjunction with Mopidy to create a Multiroom Smart Home integrated audio playback system with several Airplay Speakers. Based on lperrins node_airtunes - all credits belong to him. Also thanks to Adam Duncan for creating a fork that works with recent versions of Node.js.

audio-speaker - Output audio stream to speaker, browser/node-wise

  •    Javascript

Output audio stream to speaker in node or browser. Speaker is async-sink with fn(data, cb) notation.

CfpExchange - An online community website used to share interesting call for papers with speakers.

  •    CSharp

An online community website used to share interesting call for papers with speakers. This website is built using ASP.NET Core 2.2 and hosted on Azure: https://cfp.exchange.

sonic-track - Uses a raspberry pi camera or web cam and python opencv to track motion in camera view

  •    Python

This demo app sends camera movement tracking data to sonic-pi music program. sonic-track sends data to sonic-pi via psonic.py and pythonosc. You will need a pi camera and a powered speaker connected to the Raspberry Pi audio/video plug via appropriate cables or you can attach RPI to an HDMI TV via HDMI cable and sound will redirect to TV speakers. I thought it would be interesting to point the camera at a fish tank or other source of video movement to see what sounds are generated. You can also stand in front of the camera and generate sounds via body movements. This program demo is a very basic setup but more elaborate sonic-pi sound generation algorithms are possible.

Bay_Area_tech_meetups - iOS, Android, web, hardware, bots...you name it, there's a meetup for you!

  •    Shell

As a summer intern in SoMa, I attended up to four meetups a week sometimes because I loved the lively discussions with engineers, evangelists, designers, students, and meeting people from all over the globe. I relished office visits, swag, raffles, talks, workshops, and just the atmosphere in general.

Voice-based-gender-recognition - :sound: :boy: :girl:Voice based gender recognition using Mel-frequency cepstrum coefficients (MFCC) and Gaussian mixture models (GMM)

  •    Python

The The Free ST American English Corpus dataset (SLR45) can be found on SLR45. It is a free American English corpus by Surfingtech, containing utterances from 10 speakers (5 females and 5 males). Each speaker has about 350 utterances. According to D. Reynolds in Gaussian_Mixture_Models: A Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) is a parametric probability density function represented as a weighted sum of Gaussian component densities. GMMs are commonly used as a parametric model of the probability distribution of continuous measurements or features in a biometric system, such as vocal-tract related spectral features in a speaker recognition system. GMM parameters are estimated from training data using the iterative Expectation-Maximization (EM) algorithm or Maximum A Posteriori(MAP) estimation from a well-trained prior model.

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