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laravel-honeypot - Preventing spam submitted through forms

  •    PHP

When adding a form to a public site, there's a risk that spam bots will try to submit it with fake values. Luckily, the majority of these bots are pretty dumb. You can thwart most of them by adding an invisible field to your form that should never contain a value when submitted. Such a field is called a honeypot. These spam bots will just fill all fields, including the honeypot. When a submission comes in with a filled honeypot field, this package will discard that request. On top of that this package also checks how long it took to submit the form. This is done using a timestamp in another invisible field. If the form was submitted in a ridiculously short time, the anti spam will also be triggered.

Scrollout F1 - An easy-to-use anti-spam email gateway

  •    C++

Scrollout F1 is an easy to use, already adjusted email firewall (gateway) offering free anti-spam and anti-virus protection aiming to secure existing email servers, old or new, such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Postfix, Exim, Sendmail, Qmail and others.

ASSP - Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy

  •    Perl

ASSP is a SMTP proxy which sits between SMTP server and the MTA. It filers the spam and delivers the legtimate mails to the MTA. Its feature include Bayesian analysis, Sender Policy Framework) validation and blocking, Realtime Blackhole Listing, URL Black Listing, Multi-level attachment blocking, LDAP support, Backscatter Detection, SNMP support and lot more.

Spamassasin - Intelligent Spam Filter

  •    C

SpamAssassin is a mature, widely-deployed open source project that serves as a mail filter to identify Spam. SpamAssassin uses a variety of mechanisms including header and text analysis, Bayesian filtering, DNS blocklists, and collaborative filtering databases. SpamAssassin runs on a server, and filters spam before it reaches your mailbox.

SimpleLogin - Protect your privacy with email aliases

  •    Python

Your email address is your online identity. When you use the same email address everywhere, you can be easily tracked.With email aliases , you can finally create a different identity for each website. Defend against spams, phishing and data breach. Emails sent to an alias are forwarded to your mailbox without the sender knowing anything. You can also send emails or reply anonymously from your alias.

bogofilter -- Fast Bayesian Spam Filter

  •    Perl

Bogofilter is a mail filter that classifies mail as spam or ham (non-spam) by a statistical analysis of the message's header and content (body). The program is able to learn from the user's classifications and corrections. Bogofilter provides processing for plain text and HTML. It supports multi-part MIME messages with decoding of base64, quoted-printable, and uuencoded text and ignores attachments, such as images.

DSpam - Content based Spam Filter

  •    C

DSPAM is a scalable and open-source content-based spam filter designed for multi-user enterprise systems. DSPAM is an adaptive filter which means it is capable of learning and adapting to each user's email. Instead of working off of a list of rules to identify spam. DSPAM's probabilistic engine examines the content of each message and learns what type of content the user deems as spam or nonspam.

SpamTestBuddy - Spam Scoring Tool

  •    C

SpamTestBuddy is a simple, light-weight, multiple-input spam scoring tool. It is standalone and can be used with simple procmail rules without root access or daemons. It has built-in support for simple DNS checks including DNSBL (DNS-based blocklist) queries, and can scan headers from filters such as SpamProbe, QSF, DSPAM that you already use. It reduces both false positives and false negatives with the benefit of extra spam tests.

Email Protector

  •    ASPNET

Avoid SPAM! Email Protector protects the email addresses on your website. It's an easy to use ASP.Net web control that hides email addresses from website email harvesters. The email address is encrypted using the XTea algorithm. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XTEA)

Mollom for .NET


A library to access the Mollom anti-spam service from .NET applications.

Wireless Tag Manager


Wireless Tag Manager application is distributed with CAO Gadgets Wireless Smart Tag products to create/manage RFID tag list, beeping each tags, receive notification from each tags, receive motion sensor tag magnetic 3D vector readings, and writing to flash memory inside each tag.

SMTP Guard Filter


Spam filter for SMTP server. Check emails for spam against 9 different filters. Easy to customize and tune to your specific needs. Easy to create new filters. Eliminate 99% of spam.

SmokeDetector - Headless chatbot that detects spam and posts links to it to chatrooms for quick deletion

  •    Python

Headless chatbot that detects spam and posts it to chatrooms. Uses ChatExchange, takes questions from the Stack Exchange realtime tab, and accesses answers via the Stack Exchange API. User documentation is in the wiki.

jquerySimpleCaptcha - Easy-to-use and understand captcha implementation for jQuery.

  •    Javascript

SimpleCaptcha allows you to drop in an easy-to-use and understand captcha implementation for helping to curb spambots on your system. The plug-in makes things very easy for you with a limited amount of setup required and standard xhtml and css classes in place to make changing the appearance super easy.What Happens When you call $("#someDivInYourForm").simpleCaptcha({...}) the plug-in will make an XMLHttpRequest (AJAX call) to the PHP script which will then randomly select the number of images you specify (or a default) and from those, one to be the "correct" option. The script places a hash of the image text of the correct option (and some random characters) into the session and sends back the hashes - as well as the file locations - for all options. The hash is placed in the "alt" text of the image tag, and when a user clicks on an image, its hash is placed in the value of the hidden input.

WordPress-IP-Geo-Block - A WordPress plugin that will blocks any comment, pingback and trackback spams posted from outside your nation

  •    PHP

It blocks any spams, login attempts and malicious access to the admin area posted from the specific countries, and also prevents zero-day exploit. This package includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from MaxMind (it requires PHP 5.4.0+), and also includes IP2Location open source libraries available from IP2Location.

nodebb-plugin-spam-be-gone - yup

  •    Javascript

anti spam using both Akismet.com and StopForumSpam.com

spamsum - A native go implementation of spamsum

  •    Go

This is a native go implementation of spamsum. spamsum was developed by Andrew Tridgell to hash email messages for computationally inexpensive SPAM detection. See http://junkcode.samba.org/#spamsum.

akismet-js - Akismet API client for node.js

  •    CoffeeScript

An Akismet API client for node.js. You need to sign up for an Akismet API key to use the API. Once you sign up, it would be a good idea to verify your key.

no-mention-spam - This very simple bot written in discord

  •    Javascript

If a user mentions more than 25 unique members in a single message, they are banned. The reasoning behind 25 users (which could be lower) is that no one should ever do that anyway, and the only instance of it ever happening is spambots that mention in the upwards of 50 users per message, as fast as they can. This disrupts the flow of conversation, and also attracts all users into the attacked servers, generally leading to more collateral spam. In extreme cases this could make the server go into "slow mode" for a while, where all operations are slowed in order for the server not to affect others on the same Discord shard.

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