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go-sortedmap - A simple value-sorted map type for Go that features constant-time reads and efficient iteration over records

  •    Go

SortedMap is a simple library that provides a value-sorted map[interface{}]interface{} type and methods combined from Go 1 map and slice primitives. This data structure allows for roughly constant-time reads and for efficiently iterating over only a section of stored values.

collectable - High-performance immutable data structures for modern JavaScript and TypeScript applications

  •    TypeScript

Note: This library is an ongoing work in progress. The data structures mentioned below are all working nicely, but will probably have additional methods introduced as time goes on, and there may be some breaking changes in future versions when work commences to iron out API inconsistencies between data structures. Documentation is also somewhat lacking and out of date, but take a look at the functions folder for each data structure package, which is almost as good as actual documentation, due to the one-operation-per-file policy, and the comprehensive TypeScript annotations. See the road map for information on further development and plans for additional features and data structures.