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solr-scala-client - Solr Client for Scala

  •    Scala

The simple Apache Solr client for Scala. This is based on the SolrJ and provides optimal interface for Scala.Add the following dependency into your build.sbt to use solr-scala-client.

trapezium - Framework to build batch, streaming and api services to deploy machine learning models using Spark and Akka compute

  •    Scala

Trapezium is a maven project. Following instructions will create Trapezium jar for your repository. On all your Spark nodes, create a file /opt/bda/environment and add environment for your cluster, e.g., DEV|QA|UAT|PROD. You can do this through a setup script so that any new node to your cluster will have this file automatically created. This file allows Trapezium to read data from different data sources or data locations based on your environment.