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go-solr - Solr client in Go, core admin, add docs, update, delete, search and more

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Solr v4, required v4.4 if you want use all supported features. Please go to http://wiki.apache.org/solr/ for how to write solr query.

solrbulk - SOLR bulk indexing utility for the command line.

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solrbulk expects as input a file with line-delimited JSON. Each line represents a single document. solrbulk takes care of reformatting the documents into the bulk JSON format, that SOLR understands. solrbulk will send documents in batches and in parallel. The number of documents per batch can be set via -size, the number of workers with -w.

gosolr - golang tools for Apache Solr

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A library and application to automatically balance a Solr cluster. A library to monitor Solr cluster state in your own application.