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solr-express - A simple and lightweight query

  •    CSharp

Documentation on getting started with SolrExpress is available at http://solr-express.readthedocs.io/en/stable/tutorials/getting-started.Tutorials is available at http://solr-express.readthedocs.io/en/stable/tutorials/getting-started.

wukong - An ORM Client library for SolrCloud http://wukong.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

  •    Python

Wukong offers an ORM query engine for Solr and Solr Cloud. You can overide existing methods to fit your business logic, like validate_schema_fields, get_data_for_solr.

solr_wrapper - Wrap your tests with Solr 5+

  •    Ruby

SolrWrapper can read configuration options from a YAML configuration file. By default, it looks for configuration files at .solr_wrapper and ~/.solr_wrapper. By defualt SorlWrapper will clean out your data when it shuts down. If you utilize the preserve option your data will remain between runs.

solr-node - Simple Solr Node Client Project.

  •    Javascript

Search can be executed with a simple text query or an object query. NOTE: url decoded ':' from %3A.

solr-zkutil - Solr Cloud and ZooKeeper CLI

  •    Python

solr-zkutil is an easy to use tool written in Python that allows you to quickly understand information about your Solr ZooKeeper cluster. The program is designed to work with Windows or Linux hosts, and is easy to install.

ansible-role-solr - Ansible Role - Apache Solr

  •    Shell

Installs Apache Solr on Linux servers. Java must be available on the server. You can easily install Java using the geerlingguy.java role. Make sure the Java version installed meets the minimum requirements of Solr (e.g. Java 8 for Solr 6+).

solr2solr - Copy one Solr index to another

  •    CoffeeScript

This tool will query a given Solr index and copy it to another. Along the way it will give you the opportunity to change field names, drop fields altogether, and fabricate new fields. The goal of this tool isn't to be a suitable means to move large production indices around, though if your index is smallish, it will serve that purpose. It is instead meant to facilitate the development lifecycle during which schemas are constantly changing and real data isn't yet available, or isn't available in a quantity to stress Solr.

query-translator - Query Translator is a search query translator with AST representation

  •    PHP

Query Translator takes a search string as user input and converts it into something a search backend can understand. Technically, it's a search query translator with abstract syntax tree representation. From the produced syntax tree, translation target can be anything you need. Usually it's a search backend, like Solr and Elasticsearch, or a database abstraction layer. User input means you have to expect errors and handle them gracefully. Because of that, the parser is completely resistant to errors. Syntax tree will contain detailed information about corrections applied to make sense of the user input. This can be useful to clean up the input or implement rich input interface, with features like suggestions, syntax highlighting and error feedback.

yasa - Yet Another Solr Admin

  •    Vue

Find this project useful? Any contributions are highly appreciated. You can open issues or pull requests to help make this project better. Thanks to the great work of Solr community.

solr-container - Ansible Container project that manages the lifecycle of Apache Solr on Docker.


Now you should be able to access the Solr admin dashboard at http://localhost:8983/. The default installation includes a collection1 core in the SOLR_HOME directory, /var/solr.