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awesome-solidity - :small_blue_diamond: A curated list of awesome Solidity resources, libraries, tools and more

  •    Shell

A curated list of awesome Solidity resources, libraries, tools and more. Please check the contribution guidelines for info on formatting and writing pull requests.

vscode-solidity - Visual Studio Code language support extension for Solidity smart contracts in Ethereum

  •    TypeScript

Currently we support three ways supported to use a different version of the solidity compiler. If you don't have an internet connection, you can download the compiler and change your user settings to use this. The local file will be use instead of remote.

web3j-maven-plugin - web3j Maven plugin

  •    Java

Mojo's web3j Maven plugin is used to create java classes based on the solidity contract files.

Pangea-Arbitration-Token-PAT - Pangea Arbitration Token (PAT) Ethereum Contract

  •    Javascript

The Pangea Arbitration Token (PAT) is an ERC20 compatible in-app token for the Pangea Jurisdiction. The PAT token is reward of reputation for Citizens, issued on Pangea when Citizens accumulate non-tradable reputation tokens through creating a contract, successfully completing a contract or resolving a dispute attached to a contract. PAT is an algorithmic reputation token; an arbitration currency based on performance, rather than purchasing power, popularity, or attention. The distribution mechanism for PAT tokens on Pangea is an autonomous agent, Lucy, which will initially launch on Ethereum as a smart contract. This mechanism is blockchain agnostic and can be ported to any viable smart contract platform. An oracle created by Bitnation will help to facilitate this (semi) autonomous distribution mechanism in a decentralized and secure fashion.

aragon-apps - Aragon core team developed Aragon apps (smart contracts + webapps)

  •    Javascript

You can read more about the individual apps in their specifications on the Aragon Wiki. This installs global package dependencies and also bootstraps lerna packages.

bivrost-kotlin - 🔥 🌈 Bridge between Solidity Contracts and Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

Uncomment include ':sample:app' in the settings.gradle to include sample app module.

Blockswap - Swapping of tokens from Waves to Ethereum and back

  •    Javascript

Swapping of tokens from Waves to Ethereum and back. See the wiki for more information.

BokkyPooBahsTokenTeleportationServiceSmartContract - BokkyPooBah's Token Teleportation Service Smart Contract

  •    Shell

ERC20 token smart contract that implement the BokkyPooBah's Token Teleportation Service (BTTS) interface provides Ethereum accounts with the ability to transfer the ERC20 tokens without having to pay for the Ethereum network transaction fees in ethers (ETH). Instead, the account pays for the token transfer fees in the token being transferred. Any ERC20 token contracts that implement the BTTS Interface with their own BTTS Implementation will be transferable using this BTTS Service. An account holding BTTS enabled tokens use the implemented functionality to create a message signed with the account's private key with the token transfer instructions, including the fees specified in the token being transferred.

solidity-contracts - My Solidity contracts (simple ones that don't need a separate repo)

  •    Solidity

Some simple Solidity contracts. If there is no license file in the directory, then it's licensed under GPLv3, which is available at the top level as LICENSE.

vote-hyperledger-ethereum - Voting DApp using Web3, Solidity, Hyperledger Fabric and Chaincode EVM

  •    Shell

With few clicks, run smart contracts from Solidity onto Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that is embedded into Hyperledger Fabric to compiles these contracts as bytecode, of course, with the help of the chaincode. Make sure to have the following prerequisite tools are installed on your machine: NPM, Node, Go, Docker. Their versions used for this code (respectively): v6.4.1, v10.10.0, v1.9.3 darwin/amd64, v18.06.1-ce.

solidity - 🔐 Ethereum smart contracts developed for the Hanzo Platform.

  •    Javascript

This is a collection of Solidity contracts developed for the Hanzo Platform. Designed to meet a broad range of needs, our contracts play well with Truffle and provide a cutting edge framework for contract development. You can find more examples of our contracts in use in our test suite.

pb3sol - protobuf3 compiler plugin for solidity and protobufjs integration support

  •    Python

if you use docker image, built-in proto file "Solidity.proto" can import straight forward like import "Solidity.proto". then you can use .solidity.$typename to declare variable which directly convert to $typename variable in solidity codes. basically these solidity type is bytes variable boxed with message. but convert these bytes into correct number or bigint, is not trivial work.

sol2proto - Ethereum contract ABI to gRPC protobuf IDL transpiler

  •    Go

sol2proto is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0, also included in our repository in the LICENSE file.

Meadow - Integrated Ethereum implementation and tool suite focused on Solidity testing and development

  •    CSharp

An Ethereum implementation and tool suite designed for Solidity testing and development. The unit testing framework provides fast parallelized test execution, built-in code coverage reporting, strongly typed Contract interfaces with powerful code-completion, Solidity stacktraces for reverts and exceptions, breakpoint debugging and more. Written completely in cross-platform C# with .NET Core. Meadow can be used in VS Code, Visual Studio, and JetBrains Rider.

Solidity-Contract-Patterns - 📝 Patterns found in smart contract oriented language Solidity.


A collection of relevant patterns used in Solidity for development of smart contract applications. Please contact me if you have issues with the code present in the repository.

verifiable-data-layer-contracts - Monetha: verifiable data layer contracts

  •    Javascript

The main idea behind our implementation is that the reputation passport is data storage owned by users, but all passports share the same contract that handles the logic. All the methods of the passport logic contract are executed in the context of the data of the passport contract through which they were called. PassportLogic contract defines upgradable behavior of Passport contract, assuming that each version will follow the storage structure of the previous one, but having the chance to add new behaviour and/or state variables. Current PassportLogic implementation provides generic key-value storage structure. This is an initial set of mappings for each type variable which could be accessed, modified or deleted by fact providers. Information can be saved to storage or as transaction data. Data can be accessed by any person, but the facts can be modified or deleted only by the fact provider who has provided them. Currently supported set of methods is defined in IPassportLogic.

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