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Porto - Porto is a Modern Software Architectural Pattern.


Porto SAP is a modern Software Architectural Pattern, designed to help developers organize their Code in a highly maintainable way. Its main goal is to organize the business logic in a reusable way. Porto is a great alternatives to the standard MVC, for large and long term projects, as they tend to have higher complexity over time.

SCS - Self-Contained Systems

  •    XSLT

Find out more about SCS at scs-architecture.org (generated via Github Pages from this repository). Provide a good title and describe what you want to change and why.

software-development-resources - Curated list of Software Development resources


This is a curated list of the most didactic and/or deeply detailed must-read resources about software development. Is a general, reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem in software architecture within a given context. Architectural patterns are similar to software design pattern but have a broader scope.

3rs-of-software-architecture - A guide on how to write readable, reusable, and refactorable software

  •    Javascript

After 50+ years of software engineering's existence, we haven't settled on an exact definition of what software architecture is. After all, it is the art in computer science -- persistently evading our most determined of efforts to define it. Even still, it's so vital to the fabric of our industry and applications, that it's impossible to ignore. While this definition and others can bring clarity to the elements that make up architecture, it doesn't give us a mental model to use when developing our applications. This project however, aims to give just that. By looking at 3 particular "ilities" (readability, reusability, and refactorability), we can form a hierarchy of architectural attributes that can give us a framework for thinking about our system's code and architecture. It won't give you an architecture per se, but it will guide you in thinking about what architecture works for your application.

free-prisoners - Prisoner's Dilemma game engine implemented using Cats Free Monad and Freestyle

  •    Scala

An application built on top of Free Monad in Cats. It shows how Free can be used to create pure DSLs, side-effecting interpreters and how to use those things together. RemoteServerInterpreter uses Akka Remoting (codename Artery).

system-design-master-plan - :1st_place_medal: Roadmap to becoming a system design and architecture master


System Design (Large Scale Design) is one of the areas that all engineers find challenging, and they always struggle to learn, design, and solve real system design problems. I created this chart as a roadmap for all engineers to learn large-scale design faster and become a better engineer.

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