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microsocks - tiny, portable SOCKS5 server with very moderate resource usage

  •    C

a SOCKS5 service that you can run on your remote boxes to tunnel connections through them, if for some reason SSH doesn't cut it for you. for every client, a thread with a stack size of 8KB is spawned. the main process basically doesn't consume any resources at all.

asio5 - a socks5 proxy service

  •    C++

A socks5 proxy server, user authentication is not supported. This project is licensed under the terms of the GPL-v3 license.

gsocks5 - Secure SOCKS5 server in Go

  •    Go

Hassle-free and secure SOCKS5 server in the Go programming language. gsocks5 uses go-socks5 library to handle the protocol. UDP isn't supported by go-socks5, so gsocks5 doesn't support that protocol.

Socks5 - A full-fledged high-performance socks5 proxy server written in C#. Plugin support included.

  •    CSharp

Socks5 is a Socks5 proxy server/client written in C#. The server is both high performance and low latency, with maximum throughput thought through. Socks5 includes massive plugin support, for doing things such as sniffing data, modifying inbound/outbound connections, and even giving the server firewall-like functionality.

php-socks5 - socks5 proxy written in PHP based on workerman.

  •    PHP

Socks5 proxy written in PHP based on workerman. Now with username/password authentication according to RFC 1929.

proxy_admin_free - A powerful web console of snail007/goproxy .

  •    Shell

ProxyAdminFree is a powerful web console of snail007/goproxy . If your VPS is a Linux 64-bit system, you only need to execute the following sentence to complete the automatic installation and configuration.