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OpenZeppelin - A Framework to build secure smart contracts on Ethereum

  •    Javascript

OpenZeppelin is a library for writing secure Smart Contracts on Ethereum. With OpenZeppelin, you can build distributed applications, protocols and organizations. It is meant to provide secure, tested and audited code to enable the new generation of distributed applications, protocols and organizations. OpenZeppelin is a community effort to reduce the hurdle to develop and use them.

rtlamr - An rtl-sdr receiver for Itron ERT compatible smart meters operating in the 900MHz ISM band.

  •    Go

Utilities often use "smart meters" to optimize their residential meter reading infrastructure. Smart meters transmit consumption information in the various ISM bands allowing utilities to simply send readers driving through neighborhoods to collect commodity consumption information. One protocol in particular: Encoder Receiver Transmitter by Itron is fairly straight forward to decode and operates in the 900MHz ISM band, well within the tunable range of inexpensive rtl-sdr dongles. This project is a software defined radio receiver for these messages. We make use of an inexpensive rtl-sdr dongle to allow users to non-invasively record and analyze the commodity consumption of their household.

openzeppelin-solidity - OpenZeppelin is a library for secure smart contract development

  •    Javascript

OpenZeppelin is a library for secure smart contract development. It provides implementations of standards like ERC20 and ERC721 which you can deploy as-is or extend to suit your needs, as well as Solidity components to build custom contracts and more complex decentralized systems. To write your custom contracts, import ours and extend them through inheritance.

smart-underline - Readable and beautiful underlines for every website.

  •    Javascript

SmartUnderline is an open-source JavaScript library which uses clever tricks to draw underlines in a more readable and beautiful way.

minime - Minimi Token. ERC20 compatible clonable token

  •    Javascript

Anybody can create a new clone token from any token using this contract with an initial distribution identical to the original token at a specified block. The address calling the createCloneToken function will become the token controller and the token's default settings can be specified in the function call. Once the clone token is created, it acts as a completely independent token, with it's own unique functionalities.

flutter_whirlpool - Flutter UI challenge (with Box2D physic)- Smart washing machine app

  •    Dart

The balls simulation is conducted using the Box2D physic engine. In settings, you can switch to dark mode and turn off "metaball effect".

SmartPaster 2010

  •    CSharp

A port of Alex Papadimoulis' Smart Paster Visual Studio AddIn for Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 11.

Smart Client Software Factory WPF Support

  •    WPF

This project is a modification of Microsoft Smart Client Software Factory to support building WPF based applications using Kent's WPF layer for CAB



Browse your data and optionally script it - the smart way.

dashboard - :star2: Create IoT applications

  •    Javascript

Netbeast Dashboard project is moving on. Developing is hard. Being disruptive is harder. Industry won't stop trying to impose new protocols and standards. Indies won't stop creating open source projects that everyone should adopt --this repo was our own bet-- but it is really hard to take off and critical adoption rate is really difficult to achieve. So we changed our focus.


  •    JQuery

sGlide is a super flexible and light-weight jQuery plugin that generates a simple, feature-rich mobile ready slider.

openassets - JavaScript implementation of the Open Assets Protocol

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript implementation of the Open Assets Protocol. The Open Assets Protocol is a simple and powerful protocol built on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain. It allows issuance and transfer of user-created assets. The Open Assets Protocol is an evolution of the concept of colored coins.

vue-smart-table - A simple table component for interactive tables built with Vue.js

  •    Javascript

Not compatible with Vue 2.0, looking for a maintainer for this project. Vue Smart Table is a simple but powerful table framework. Every column is a component.

jsonplus - JSON parser that supports self reference and comments

  •    Javascript

jsonplus uses JSON.parse internally so there shouldn't be any performance impact. We only go through JSON object once to find the reference strings and replace them with actual values. The impact is minimal considering the gained value. If your JSON is a first level array you can use paths like this {{ [0].first }} or if you think it's more readable, {{ @self[0].first }} works as well.

smartquotes.js - Smart quotes are smart typography, and now it’s just a ’script away.

  •    Javascript

Smart quotes are smart typography, and now it’s just a ’script away. Visit the homepage at smartquotes.js.org. If you're planning on using this with node.js and express, try the express middleware express-smartquotes.

bluetooth - The BC

  •    Java

The BC.js is implemented as an Apache Cordova / PhoneGap Plugin for smartphones and tablets. It only supports Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) API currently.

smart - Pure Go SMART library

  •    Go

This is a pure Go implementation of SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology), the monitoring system included in most HDDs and SSDs. This project is a work in progress, in the early stages of development. The API is highly likely to change during development.

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