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sloth - 🦥 Easy and simple Prometheus SLO (service level objectives) generator

  •    Go

Meet the easiest way to generate SLOs for Prometheus. Sloth generates understandable, uniform and reliable Prometheus SLOs for any kind of service. Using a simple SLO spec that results in multiple metrics and multi window multi burn alerts.

circuit - An efficient and feature complete Hystrix like Go implementation of the circuit breaker pattern

  •    Go

There are a large number of examples on the godoc that are worth looking at. They tend to be more up to date than the README doc. This example shows how fallbacks execute to return alternate errors or provide logic when the circuit is open.

service-level-operator - Manage application's SLI and SLO's easily with the application lifecycle inside a Kubernetes cluster

  •    Go

Service level operator abstracts and automates the service level of Kubernetes applications by generation SLI & SLOs to be consumed easily by dashboards and alerts and allow that the SLI/SLO's live with the application flow. This operator interacts with Kubernetes using the CRDs as a way to define application service levels and generating output service level metrics.

prometheus-slo-burn-example - An end to end example of implementing SLOs with prometheus, grafana and Go

  •    Go

This is home to example code for exposing SLIs using open source code in prometheus. This means that now you can visit http://localhost:30431 and see the grafana dashboard.

sreworkbook-templates-md - A collection templates ported from the SRE Workbook


This is a collection of ported Markdown templates included in "The Site Reliability Engineering Workbook" regarding the Service Level Objectives and Error Budget Policy documents. Full description of each section can be found in "The Site Reliability Engineering Workbook".

multi-burn-rate-calculator - Calculator to view detection time using error budget consumption rates, based on lessons from Site Reliability Engineering Workbook

  •    Javascript

Access hosted page, by default the graph is ploted with SRE recomended values for 99.9% of availability. Thanks @pedrokiefer to create a first version together using google spreedsheet.

slo-generator - Easy setup a service level objective using prometheus

  •    Go

Easily setup a service level objective using prometheus, based on lessons from the SRE workbook. Look at slo_example_with_classes.yml and slo_classes.yml to see how to define classes and associate with your services.

nr1-slo-r - Define, calculate and report on service-level objective (SLO) attainment.

  •    Javascript

SLO/R lets you quickly define SLOs for error, availability, capacity, and latency conditions. You can use the application for reporting out your results. By measuring SLO attainment across your service estate, you’ll be able to determine what signals are most important.

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