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strong-pm - deployer for node applications

  •    Javascript

StrongLoop PM is a production process manager for Node.js applications with built-in load balancing, monitoring, multi-host deployment, and a graphical console.Under production, you will install the process manager as a system service, see http://strong-pm.io/prod, but if you are just trying the manager out locally, you can run an app directly from the command line.

strong-build - Build node packages into deployable applications

  •    Javascript

Build a node application package, preparing it for deploy to production.It is useful standalone, but is commonly used to build applications for deployment to the StrongLoop process manager, strong-pm.

strong-deploy - Deploy nodejs applications

  •    Javascript

Deploy a node application package to the StrongLoop process manager, strong-pm.Both git branches and npm packages can be deployed. They will typically be prepared using strong-build.

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