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hubot-slack - Slack Developer Kit for Hubot

This is a Hubot adapter to use with Slack.Comprehensive documentation is available.

showcase-ansible-chatops - Vagrant Demo showing ChatOps with Ansible

This is quick demonstration of the StackStorm event-driven automation platform running with Ansible configuration management tool and Hubot ChatOps engine. The objective is to operate servers with Ansible directly from Slack chat.It will get you up and running with chatops control VM with all St2 components prepared as well as Ansible and Hubot configured. Additionally, it installs 2 Ubuntu VMs: web server with nginx and db server with mysql.

ansible-hubot - :speech_balloon: Ansible role for Hubot

By default this Hubot role uses the Slack adapter, but you can change the role to work with another adapter like HipChat by editing defaults/main.yml, updating the value of hubot_adapter, and adding the appropriate environment variables to defaults.main.yml file. You can install this role with the ansible-galaxy command instead of running directly from the git repository.

hubot-slack-api - Slack API call extension for Hubot

hubot-slack-api is a Slack web API call extension for Hubot that adds new methods to your robot instance, under robot.slack. Each API call lives in a subobject corresponding to the first part of the API call name, so for example channels.list is robot.slack.channels.list(). Each method has the signature function(args, callback). The argument object keys should be API argument names, and the callback should have the signature function(err, res). If the callback is omitted a bluebird Promise is returned. The API key is read from either the HUBOT_SLACK_TOKEN environment variable that hubot-slack uses, or – if you want to use a separate API key – you can either use the HUBOT_SLACK_API_TOKEN env variable or give the token in the token key in the argument object.

hubot-jira-lookup - External script for hubot to jira integration.

Add the package hubot-jira-lookup as a dependency in your Hubot package.json file. Run the following command to make sure the package is installed.


This is a version of GitHub's Campfire bot, Hubot.. He's pretty and cool under the control of Full Sail University's Staff and Students (until he's fully self-aware). This version is designed to be deployed on Heroku.

hubot-slack-jenkins-chatops - Jenkins integration for hubot with slack interactive message

Jenkins integration with slack interactive message and respond to jenkins notifications. You need to create your own slack app. (Slack's hubot plugin is not support interactive callback) Visit apps page and create new app.

pull-review - :white_check_mark: Assign pull request reviewers intelligently.

Pull Review assigns pull request reviewers intelligently. Pull Review looks through the changes in a pull request and assigns the most relevant reviewers, those who have made the largest and most recent contributions to the changed files. The number of reviewers assigned, along with other things, can be configured.

serverless-slackbot - A boilerplate Serverless Slackbot framework with a custom scripts folder (like Hubot)

This project mimics the Hubot model on Slack using a lot of buzz words including: Serverless.js, AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, AWS SNS, and Slack Events API. Each custom script will run in it's own Lambda process, which is triggered by an SNS notification. Everything runs through a single Lambda handler, so you'll only see one function for everything.

hubot-jenkins-slack - Jenkins notifier adapted for Slack

Respond to Jenkins notifications in a format appropiated for Slack attachments. You also need slack-attachment module installed for version 3 of hubot-slack adapter.

hubot-slack-attachment - Re-enable `slack-attachment` event for hubot-slack

When Slack introduced version 3 of their hubot-slack adapter the old slack-attachment was removed due to constraints in the RTM API. This module attempts to reintroduce the event using Incoming Webhooks to somehow replicate the lost feature.

hubot-group-alias - @mentions for groups using Hubot

Set the HUBOT_GROUP_ALIAS variable. Note: When set in a shell environment, you may want to put '' around your alias definition so that any ; don't try to break the command.

hubot-github-bot - A hubot script to list and remind you about open pull requests

A hubot script to list and recurrently remind you about open pull requests. Optionally receive direct messages when you are assigned to a pull request in your organization or for a specific repo or set of repos. Note: in order for direct messages (notifications) to work GithubBot attempts to fuzzy match the github name or github login to someone on your team. It has been tested primarily on the Hubot Slack adapter, but it should work elsewhere. If GithubBot cannot find a matching user it drops the notification and logs the failure to the console.

hubot-jira-bot - Lets you search for JIRA tickets, open them, transition them thru different states, comment on them, rank them up or down, start or stop watching them or change who is assigned to a ticket

Lets you search for JIRA tickets, open them, transition them thru different states, comment on them, rank them up or down, start or stop watching them or change who is assigned to a ticket. Also, notifications for assignments, mentions and watched tickets. Note that HUBOT_JIRA_USERNAME should be the JIRA username, this is not necessarily the username used if you log in via the web. To determine a user's username, log in as that user via the web, and check the user profile. Frequently, users may log in using an email address such as 'bob@somewhere.com' or a stem, such as 'bob'; these may or may not match the username in JIRA.