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sclack - The best CLI client for Slack, because everything is terrible!

  •    Python

The first thing you need to do is to get a Slack token here. Use, create or request a token for each workspace that you'll use on Sclack. Not all workspaces allow you to generate a token, so sometimes you'll need to ask for the administrator to enable the feature. Sclack seems better when used with a Nerd Font. Using them is completely optional, but it is how some Sclack icons are possible. Personally, I use Fira Code Nerd Font. Download, install and set as the default font of your terminal emulator.

slacky - Slack client on the terminal with a GUI.

  •    Python

This is a weekend project that started for me as a way to learn how to write old style command line interfaces. Slack is a tool a lot of programmers use today so I thought a lot of you would have interest in contributing to this effor.This is a minimal working version, will surely have several bugs and many features are missing but I hope I find time to continue the effort to develop this project and hopefully some of you might show interest in contributing with this.

slacko - A neat interface for Slack

  •    OCaml

Your company got you Slack and you're all like "yeah, and now I am forced to use a browser or what?". Fear no more, because as it turns out Slack has a REST API that can be accessed.What do you need? OCaml, OPAM and a Slack token. All for free, no asterisks, no hidden clauses. Life can be so easy.

wp-slack - This plugin allows you to send notifications to Slack channels when certain events in WordPress occur

  •    PHP

Send notifications to Slack channels when certain events in WordPress occur. This plugin allows you to send notifications to Slack channels when certain events in WordPress occur.

python-slackrealtime - Python/Twisted client for the Slack Real-Time Messaging API (RTM)

  •    Python

Python library for the Slack Real-Time Messaging API. Requires Twisted and Autobahn. Currently a work in progress, not all of the protocol is implemented, and the behaviour of this library is not fully documented.

matrix-appservice-webhooks - Slack-compatible webhooks for matrix

  •    Javascript

Before you begin: A Synapse server is required. The instructions here assume that Synapse server is a default setup. Note: The default URL to run the appservice is http://localhost:9000. If you have other appservices, or other requirements, pick an appropriate hostname and port.

MantisBT-Slack - Slack integration for Mantis bug tracker

  •    PHP

A MantisBT plugin to send bug updates to Slack and Mattermost channels. The master branch requires Mantis 2.0.x, while the master-1.2.x branch works for Mantis 1.2.x.

mattermost-openshift - An OpenShift 3 application template for mattermost

  •    Python

This is instant Mattermost application for OpenShift Origin 3. The license applies to all files inside this repository, not Mattermost itself.

emberclear - Encrypted Chat. No History. No Logs. https://gitlab.com/NullVoxPopuli/emberclear

  •    HTML

An implementation of the mesh-chat protocol. Note: the frontend code is in packages/frontend. This is to separate the over-arching repo files from the individual project(s).

localslackirc - IRC gateway for slack, running on localhost for one user

  •    Python

The idea of this project is to create a localhost IRC server that functions as a gateway for one user of slack, that can connect to it with whatever IRC client they prefer or a bouncer like ZNC and keep using slack from IRC even after they shut down their IRC gateway. Then, start localslackirc in your terminal if you haven't already. (Just type python3 irc.py).

vscode-chat - Send and receive chat inside Visual Studio Code. Supports Slack and Discord. 💬

  •    TypeScript

Are you a Slack workspace admin? Approve this app for your team. Team Chat is a light-weight companion chat for VS Live Share, without any dependency on an existing backend like Slack or Discord.

passbot - :space_invader: Slack robot password manager

  •    Javascript

passbot is in a really early stage and all aspects of this documentation are not yet implemented. Those must serve as roadmap. Passbot will take your bot name and avatar. It will respond to mentions or direct messages, but will only share passwords to a set of authorised users.