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skipper - Streaming multi-uploads for Sails/Express - supports disk, S3, gridfs, and custom file adapters

  •    Javascript

Skipper makes it easy to implement streaming file uploads to disk, S3, or any supported file upload adapters.The following example assumes skipper is already installed as the body parser in your Express or Sails app. It receives one or more files from a file parameter named avatar using the default, built-in file adapter (skipper-disk). This streams the file(s) to the default upload directory .tmp/uploads/ on the server's local disk.

Skipper - An HTTP router and reverse proxy for service composition

  •    Go

Skipper is an HTTP router and reverse proxy for service composition. It's designed to handle >100k HTTP route definitions with detailed lookup conditions, and flexible augmentation of the request flow with filters. It can be used out of the box or extended with custom lookup, filter logic and configuration sources.Skipper provides a default executable command with a few built-in filters. However, its primary use case is to be extended with custom filters, predicates or data sources.

skipper-disk - Streaming file uploads to a server's local filesystem

  •    Javascript

Local filesystem adapter for receiving upstreams. Particularly useful for streaming multipart file uploads from the Skipper body parser.This module is part of the default configuration in Sails.

kube-ingress-aws-controller - Configures AWS Load Balancers according to Kubernetes Ingress resources

  •    Go

This is an ingress controller for Kubernetes — the open-source container deployment, scaling, and management system — on AWS. It runs inside a Kubernetes cluster to monitor changes to your ingress resources and orchestrate AWS Load Balancers accordingly. This ingress controller uses the EC2 instance metadata of the worker node where it's currently running to find the additional details about the cluster provisioned by Kubernetes on top of AWS. This information is used to manage AWS resources for each ingress objects of the cluster.

containers - The official container suite for Skipper, PreviousNext's hosting platform.

  •    PHP

The official container suite for PreviousNext inhouse container management solution, Skipper. Documentation for each container can be found in its respective directory.