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alexa-app - A framework for Alexa (Amazon Echo) apps using Node.js

  •    Javascript

You're reading the documentation for the next release of alexa-app, which should be 4.3.0. Please see CHANGELOG and make sure to read UPGRADING when upgrading from a previous version. The current stable release is 4.2.3. This module parses HTTP JSON requests from the Alexa platform and builds the JSON response that consumed by an Alexa-compatible device, such as the Echo.

alexa-assistant - Implementation of the Google Assistant SDK as an Alexa skill

  •    Javascript

The skill is hosted on AWS which is an Amazon service. The usage of this skill is free for many thousands of requests however Amazon still require a credit card incase you start using their services beyond the free limits. Your credit card details stay with Amazon - neither I nor any other developers can access them. If you wish to reproduce the installation instructions hosted on your own website (I really wish you wouldn't as it makes my life very difficult to support and update the skill) then you may do so and link to my Cloudformation template (and consequently the zips on my S3 buckets) provided that there is no monetisation on the page e.g. adverts. If you do wish to have monetisation then you will need to create your own instructions and host your own Cloudformation template and associated zip files.

alexa-skills-kit-sdk-for-python - The Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Python helps you get a skill up and running quickly, letting you focus on skill logic instead of boilerplate code

  •    Python

The ASK SDK for Python makes it easier for you to build highly engaging skills, by allowing you to spend more time on implementing features and less on writing boiler-plate code. The SDK works on model classes rather than native Alexa JSON requests and responses. These model classes are generated using the Request, Response JSON schemas from the developer docs.

chatskills - Run and debug Alexa skills on the command-line

  •    Javascript

Run Alexa apps on the command-line. Run them in Slack. Run them anywhere! Supports Amazon Alexa skills and intents. Chatskills does not require a server and can run directly in the console. It can also run on the web, or Slack, or anywhere. It handles requests from multiple users and maintains session memory. When a user starts a conversation with one of the skills, the skill continues to execute within a session context, until the skill terminates.

aleksa - Aleksa is a small framework for writing Alexa Skills in Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

Aleksa is a small framework for writing Alexa Skills in Kotlin. Run it with --interface --port 8080 --dev. Now you can test the skill with curl or some other tool at the url

violet-conversations - Sophisticated Conversational Applications/Bots on Amazon's Alexa

  •    Javascript

For easily deployable sample code see the violet-samples project. Violet provides support for building sophisticated conversational apps/bots on Amazon's Alexa. Conversations are built via scripts, and Violet provides a conversation engine that runs as an Alexa Skill.

violet-samples - Sample for Voice Apps/Bots using Voilet

  •    Javascript

violet-samples is a list of example voice app/bot scripts (powered-by violet-conversations). This project is configured to create a skill at the alexa/einstein end point. This project contains a number of Scripts that we have built and can be used as the basis of your Voice Application. To use the Scripts, they need to run in the cloud so that Amazon's voice servers can access it. These can also be run locally via a non-voice (web-only) interface.

alexa-smarthome - This repository contains sample code and resources for Alexa Smart Home developers

  •    Python

This repository contains sample code and resources for Alexa Smart Home developers. To get started, https://github.com/alexa/alexa-smarthome/wiki.

alexa-uncensor - bypass Alexa censorship

  •    Javascript

alexa-uncensor generates the corresponding SSML fragments for those censored words that Alexa bleeps out. Adults only. Only a minimal dictionary(press-sample.js) is provided. Copy this file to press.js and add your words.

alexa-app-example - An example Alexa Skill project using the alexa-app module with Express.

  •    Javascript

An example Alexa Skill project using the alexa-app module with Express. Make sure you have Node.js and the Heroku Toolbelt installed.

voxa - Voxa is a framework that uses state machines to create elegant cross platform conversational experiences

  •    Javascript

Voxa is an Alexa skill framework that provides a way to organize a skill into a state machine. Even the most complex voice user interface (VUI) can be represented through the state machine and it provides the flexibility needed to both be rigid when needed in specific states and flexible to jump around when allowing that also makes sense. Voxa provides a more robust framework for building Alexa skills. It provides a design pattern that wasn’t found in other frameworks. Critical to Voxa was providing a pluggable interface and supporting all of the latest ASK features.

alexa-conversation - Framework to easily test your Alexa skills functionally by creating a conversation with your skill

  •    Javascript

Initializes a new conversation and returns itself. Specifies what intent to trigger and the optional slots that it needs. The slots object takes key-value pairs as parameters. The value of pair accepts String or Slot Object.

alexa-skills-list - A complete list of all available Alexa Skills

  •    Javascript

There are no example interactions for this skill. Alexa leads you in the iconic 'We Are' cheer.