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SharePoint 2010 Service Manager

The SharePoint Service manager let's you start and stop all the SharePoint 2010 services on your workstation. This is useful if you are running SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7 and don't want SharePoint to slow your machine down when it's not really needed.

stop-server - :iphone: Shut down your computer with your phone

Stop your computer using your phone or your tablet, from your bed or your couch

death - Managing go application shutdown with signals.

Simple library to make it easier to manage the death of your application.

hapi-graceful-pm2 - hapi plugin to handle graceful pm2 reloads

This is a hapi plugin to handle true zero downtime reloads when issuing a pm2 reload command. When using this plugin and calling 'pm2 reload', the 'SIGINT' message will be intercepted and will wait for hapi to drain all connections before exiting the worker. This will ensure any in progress requests are completed before exiting. Whilst waiting, no new requests will be forwarded to the worker.

node-server-shutdown - Safely shutdown any number of HTTP and WebSocket servers in node

Using just server.close only terminates the server once every connection is closed. This is problematic since, by design, keep-alive connections can continue to hold the server open, and WebSockets can hold the connection open for extended periods of time. A naive solution forcefully destroys all the sockets, interrupting any inflight requests. Another solution is to server.unref the server, but this isn't a satisfactory solution as it does not allow the close event to be used. This library solves this problem by tracking when a connection is busy, using request for HTTP connections, and hooking into write in the case of WebSockets. The server shutdowns by first stopping any additional connections being made, closing any idle HTTP and WebSocket connections, closing any busy HTTP connections once the inflight request has completed, and closing WebSocket connections on finish of a write.