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Shoutcast MediaStreamSource

Shoutcast MediaStreamSource is a MediaStreamSource implementation of the Shoutcast protocol for Silverlight. This MediaStreamSource allows both Silverlight 4+ OOB and Windows Phone 7 applications to consume a Shoutcast stream using a MediaElement. Currently, Mp3 and AAC+ S...

ShoutcastStats for DotNetNuke

ShoutcastStats is a module for DotNetNuke which renders Statistics as Song Title, DJ, Bitrate, Listeners, Peak, URL, ect of a Shoutcast Broadcasting Server. It provide 2 Moduledefininations. Easy to install as Zipfile Upload to DNN. Easy to configured via the Module Settings.

Parsifal - Make your streaming radio...

Create a real radio online with Parsifal and share your music with your friends! Parsifal is easy to use with a great user interface . The current version is compatible only with XP. Win 7 update coming soon... Required : - Media Encoder - Media Player 8 or newer


This is a class library with a web example project that displays information about a shoutcast server. It can display information for all properties that are included in the shoucast xml file such as Song Title, Server Url, Song History, Current Listeners etc...

node-icy - Node.js module for parsing and/or injecting ICY metadata

This module offers a Reader class for retrieving the raw audio data and parsing the metadata from an ICY stream (commonly SHOUTcast or Icecast broadcasts).There's also a Writer class that allows you to inject your own metadata into a data stream, which can then be displayed by another ICY client (like VLC).

node-shoutcast - Shoutcast server built on NodeJS.

Shoutcast is a popular streaming audio server protocol. NodeJS lends itself very nicely to doing this kind of thing so building an app around it makes sense. Whatever is worse than alpha, this is it. Don't use it yet unless you want to help dev it. :) In that case, use it and submit patches. Thanks.

node-internet-radio - Node.js module to get Now Playing information from an internet radio stream.

This Node.js module supports three different methods to fetch the station details of an internet radio stream. All but fetching details from the raw audio stream give you the currently playing track, bitrate, and listener count. If you have an audio stream and don't know what approach to take then simply omit the last method parameter and it will use all available options and return the first one that completes. At the very least the stream method will return something from a valid stream, but it will not support the Bitrate and Listener count.