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jquery-floating-social-share - Social media share buttons with counters.

  •    Javascript

Simple jQuery floating social media sharer plugin. Currently supported platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, VK and Odnoklassniki with counter feature, Google Plus, Mail, StumbleUpon, Telegram, and Whatsapp without counter feature. Install via bower and include from your bower_components folder.

addthis-angularjs - AddThis: Official Library for AngularJS

  •    Javascript

Grow your website with tools trusted by over 15 million sites. The AddThis AngularJS module includes a directive, service, and provider. It is smart about route/location changes and the AngularJS digest cycles and how they affect AddThis tools. This module requires a free AddThis account and is compatible with free and paid plans. If you're struggling with instructions, we keep the AngularJS install instructions on the AddThis Academy up to date. Visit addthis.com to sign in or sign up before proceeding to the next steps.

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