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MapShaper - Tools for editing Shapefile, GeoJSON, TopoJSON and CSV files

  •    MPL

Mapshaper is software for editing Shapefile, GeoJSON, TopoJSON, CSV and several other data formats, written in JavaScript. The mapshaper command line program supports essential map making tasks like simplifying shapes, editing attribute data, clipping, erasing, dissolving, filtering and more.

osmnx - OSMnx: Python for street networks

  •    Python

Retrieve, construct, analyze, and visualize street networks from OpenStreetMap: full overview. You can just as easily download and work with building footprints, elevation data, street bearings/orientations, and network routing.

us-atlas - Pre-built TopoJSON from the U.S. Census Bureau.

  •    Shell

This repository provides a convenient mechanism for generating TopoJSON files from the Census Bureau’s cartographic boundary shapefiles, 2015 edition. A TopoJSON topology containing three geometry collections: counties, states, and nation. The geometry is quantized, projected using d3.geoAlbersUsa to fit a 960×600 viewport, and simplified. This topology is derived from the Census Bureau’s cartographic county boundaries, 2015 edition. The state boundaries are computed by merging counties, and the nation boundary is computed by merging states, ensuring a consistent topology.

world-atlas - Pre-built TopoJSON from Natural Earth.

  •    Shell

This repository provides a convenient mechanism for generating TopoJSON files from Natural Earth’s vector data, version 2.0.0. A TopoJSON topology containing two geometry collections: countries and land. The geometry is quantized, but not projected; it is in spherical coordinates, decimal degrees. This topology is derived from the Natural Earth’s Admin 0 country boundaries, 1:110m small scale, version 2.0.0. The land boundary is computed by merging countries, ensuring a consistent topology.

geobr - Easy access to official spatial data sets of Brazil in R and Python

  •    R

geobr is a computational package to download official spatial data sets of Brazil. The package includes a wide range of geospatial data in geopackage format (like shapefiles but better), available at various geographic scales and for various years with harmonized attributes, projection and topology (see detailed list of available data sets below). The package is currently available in R and Python.

shapefile - A cross-platform streaming parser for the ESRI Shapefile spatial data format.

  •    Javascript

For a live example, see bl.ocks.org/2dd741099154a4da55a7db31fd96a892. See also ndjson-cli for examples of manipulating GeoJSON using newline-delimited JSON streams. See Command-Line Cartography for a longer introduction. In-browser parsing of dBASE table files requires TextDecoder, part of the Encoding living standard, which is not supported in IE or Safari as of September, 2016. See text-encoding for a browser polyfill.

magellan - Geo Spatial Data Analytics on Spark

  •    Scala

Magellan is a distributed execution engine for geospatial analytics on big data. It is implemented on top of Apache Spark and deeply leverages modern database techniques like efficient data layout, code generation and query optimization in order to optimize geospatial queries. The application developer writes standard sql or data frame queries to evaluate geometric expressions while the execution engine takes care of efficiently laying data out in memory during query processing, picking the right query plan, optimizing the query execution with cheap and efficient spatial indices while presenting a declarative abstraction to the developer.

ESRI Shapefile Reader

  •    DotNet

Shapefile is a .NET library that supports read only enumeration of ESRI shapefiles, including any metadata. All 2D shapes are supported: Point, MultiPoint, PolyLine and Polygon.



Add-In for Microsoft Visio. User can easily draw geographical data to Visio drawing page via this add-In.

BingMapsSDSToolkit - This toolkit makes it easy to use the Bing Maps Spatial Data Services (SDS) in

  •    CSharp

See the documentation for more information on how to use this library. This toolkit is based on the documentation for the Bing Maps Spatial Data Services.If you are working with the Bing Maps REST services which provides; on-demand forward and reverse geocoding, routing, static imagery, traffic and elevation data, take a look at the Bing Maps REST Toolkit.

atlas-make - Makefiles for building geo/topojson & csv from public Shape files 🌎

  •    Makefile

A handy set of makefiles & recipes for building map related data files

shp-write - create and write to shapefiles in pure javascript

  •    Javascript

Writes shapefile in pure javascript. Uses dbf for the data component, and jsZIP to generate ZIP file downloads in-browser.Given a GeoJSON FeatureCollection as an object, converts convertible features into Shapefiles and triggers a download.

dbf - dbf writer

  •    Javascript

Write dBase files in pure JavaScript, in node.js or browsers. Requires ArrayBuffer and DataView support.Replace latest with the latest version if you want to be sure.

polyhash - generate an array of geohashes that completely contain a polygon

  •    Javascript

Generate an array of geohashes that completely contains a polygon.Return an array of geohashes that completely contains the array of points described by polygon.

shp2json - convert shapefile zip archives to streaming GeoJSON

  •    Javascript

Convert shapefile zip archives to streaming GeoJSON using gdal and JSONStream.Uses the gdal native addon for node.js. No compilation required on most platforms as pre-compiled binaries will be downloaded automatically when you run npm install shp2json.

gis-dataset-brasil - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Dataset Brasil - Coleção de shapefiles, GeoJSON e TopoJSON prontas para uso


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Dataset Brasil. Coleções de arquivos com dados geoespaciais em forma de vetor.

portland-atlas - A simple way to to fetch and convert open datatsets involving Portland, Oregon.

  •    Makefile

This project was influenced by world-atlas. It's best to clone the repository and work directly from the project directory since most features are controlled through the Makefile.

grasshopper-loader - Data loader for Grasshopper

  •    Javascript

Description: This is the data loader for Grasshopper, cfpb's work-in-progress geocoder. Data is gathered from state sources, verified, transformed into GeoJSON, loaded into Elasticsearch. The loader is a command-line application, run by invoking either ./index.js for state data or tiger.js for Census data.

shapefile-ags - CLI to scrape ArcGIS Server instances and export as shapefiles

  •    Javascript

Export an ArcGIS Server service layer as a shapefile. All exports will be projected to 4326 (latitude, longitude).