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store - A better way to use localStorage and sessionStorage

  •    Javascript

A feature-filled and friendly way to take advantage of localStorage and sessionStorage (JSON, namespacing, extensions, etc). Passing in false for the optional overwrite parameters will cause set actions to be skipped if the storage already has a value for that key. All set action methods return the previous value for that key, by default. If overwrite is false and there is a previous value, the unused new value will be returned.

jQuery-Storage-API - This plugin is no longer maintained! A new one, without dependencies with jQuery, is available : https://github

  •    Javascript

jQuery Storage API is a plugin that simplify access to storages (HTML5) & cookies, add namespace storage functionality and provide compatiblity for old browsers with cookies!

angular-locker - 🗄️ A simple & configurable abstraction for local/session storage in angular js projects

  •    Javascript

A simple & configurable abstraction for local/session storage in angular projects - providing a fluent api that is powerful and easy to use.Simply download the zip file HERE and include dist/angular-locker.min.js in your project.

crypt.io - Encryption enabled browser storage

  •    Javascript

crypt.io implements secures browser storage with the SJCL (Stanford Javascript Crypto Libraries) crypto library. Here are a few examples of use to get you started.

sessionstorage - sessionStorage API which gracefully degrades to window

  •    Javascript

sessionStorage API which gracefully degrades to window.name & cookies when not available

ember-local-storage - The addon provides a storageFor computed property that returns a proxy and persists the changes to localStorage or sessionStorage

  •    Javascript

The addon provides a storageFor computed property that returns a proxy and persists the changes to localStorage or sessionStorage. It works with objects and arrays and has a generator to create the proxy objects or arrays. It ships with an ember-data adapter that works almost the same as the JSONAPIAdapter with some relationship sugar added.

php-serialize - Use PHP's serialization methods from Ruby.

  •    Ruby

This module provides two methods: PHP.serialize and PHP.unserialize, both of which should be compatible with the similarly named functions in PHP. PHP.unserialize can also read PHP sessions, which are collections of named serialized objects. These can be reserialized using PHP.serialize_session, which has the same semantics as PHP.serialize, but which only supports Hash and associative Arrays for the root object.

simple-storage - Simple localStorage / sessionStorage supporting objects and arrays

  •    TypeScript

Store strings and objects to local or session storage. Falls back to storing data in memory if run on platforms where the Storage API is unavailable (such as node). Licensed under the MIT license.

pgstore - A Postgres session store backend for gorilla/sessions

  •    Go

A session store backend for gorilla/sessions - src. Available on godoc.org.

node-connect-pg-simple - A simple, minimal PostgreSQL session store for Connect/Express

  •    Javascript

Or simply play the file via a GUI, like the pgAdminIII queries tool. Examples are based on Express 4.

ember-storage - Store data in localStorage or sessionStorage and if using localStorage also synchronize it between browser tabs

  •    Javascript

A simple but powerful way for managing data that you wish to last through a page reload. This add-on synchronizes data between browser tabs when using localStorage and it is observable. For more information on using ember-cli, visit http://www.ember-cli.com/.

mobx-stored - Mobx observables persistent across browser tabs/sessions

  •    Javascript

a simple utility for persisting POJO objects into localStorage via mobx observables. Not only they persist through sessions, they also synchronize via storage events across all browser tabs.

vault.js - Key-Value Storage of true data types for the browser and node

  •    Javascript

Vault is an API to store Key-Value pairs as true data types. It can utilize localStorage, sessionStorage, and cookies in the Browser. In node, it uses a file at the root of the project (redis support coming soon). It handles JSON objects, arrays, booleans, numbers, and even returns undefined and null accurately.