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offline-first - :electric_plug: Everything you need to know to create offline-first web apps.


Inspired by the awesome list thing. This specification highlights features (SQL, offline application caching APIs as well as online/offline events, status, and the localStorage API) from HTML5 and provides brief tutorials on how these features might be used to create Web applications that work offline.

sw-delta - An incremental cache for the web

  •    Javascript

Continuous delivery is great, but it comes at a price on performances. The more you deliver, the less browsers will use assets they had in cache, because of file versioning. Even if you only changed one letter in a file, it will get downloaded entirely. sw-delta is a project that makes the browser download only the delta ( = diff = incremental download) between the previously cached file and the required version of the file. It is based on the Service Worker API.

gulp-sww - Gulp plugin that creates all the support needed in serviceworkers to make your web app run offline

  •    Javascript

A gulp plugin to make your web app work offline. Once applied to your app, this plugin code caches all your frontend assets using service workers if supported.

http2-examples-empireconf - HTTP2 examples for EmpireConf talk

  •    Javascript

This talk aims to explain how HTTP/2 works: understand the new features the protocol has in comparison with HTTP/1.x, and what developers will need to take into consideration when using it. We will take a quick look into the pitfalls of the protocol and how Service Workers may help to get the maximum of it and help to decrease latency. We're also going to play a bit with the new NodeJS implementation.

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