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micromono - Write microservices in monolithic style

  •    Javascript

MicroMono is a framework for developing micro-services in monolithic style or reversed. It allows you to switch and mix between micro-service/monolithic styles without changing the code. Before they were two things which always connected with VS. Now with micromono you have the ability to get the best of both worlds. You can simply clone this repository and follow the instruction in the example folder to play them on your own machine. The only requirement is Node.js.

maki - :bento: declarative application framework for high-performance cross-platform services

  •    HTML

The complete stack for building extensible apps, faster than ever. Hand-roll your application by telling Maki what your application does, and it takes care of the rest – without getting in your way if you want to customize it.Maki aims to be as lightweight as possible while still offering a base stack that implements #1. We've split out as many components as possible, and offer a list of plugins that can be used to add functionality to any Maki-powered app.

Crude - Crude is a clever JavaScript library for working with RESTful services, inspired by the Rails routing engine

  •    Javascript

Crude is a clever JavaScript library from CloudMade that allows you to create human-readable APIs to RESTful services, inspired by the Rails routing engine. Crude takes away all the cruft from REST-related code so that you can focus on the actual data instead of remembering what URL schemas, HTTP methods and parameters to use. It also makes your code more bulletproof, as you won't have to change the code throughout your whole project in case something on the server changes.

express-api-server - An opinionated Express Web API server library

  •    Javascript

An opinionated Web API server library using Express, Node.js, and REST best practices. The express-api-server is meant as a reusable web API server with built-in security, error handling, and logging. Focus on writing just your custom API routes and leave rest of the server set up to this library.

angular-odata-es5 - OData Service for Angular.io (es5 version)

  •    TypeScript

The goal is to create a fluent API for querying, creating, updating and deleting OData resources in Angular > 2. Note that this library targets 'es5' so that Uglify will work correctly. You may also find it useful to view the demo source.

svr - HTTP development server done right

  •    CSS

It's similar micro-dev, but out of the box for any framework that use http.Server.listen() interface. svr is assuming you have a main file declared in your package.json in the project directory.

openapi-client - Generate ES6 or Typescript service integration code from an OpenAPI spec

  •    TypeScript

Generate ES6 or Typescript service integration code from an OpenAPI spec. Also supports optional Redux action creator generation.

feathers-couchdb - Feathers couchdb adapter service using node-cradle

  •    Javascript

Please refer to the cradle for more details about connection options and Feathers database adapter. This will create a messages endpoint and connect to a local messages database. Each model represents each database in CouchDB that will created automatically if not exist.

restgen - RestFul for AJAX application

  •    Javascript

The goal of restgen is to provide a micro framework that helps you to write a RESTful webservice using NodeJs, Express, Mongoose (MongoDB). Models are just standard Mongoose models, you can create a new model by creating a javascript file inside of the 'models' folder. You need to name the file, and the export the same. Your object will get a Mongoose object passed to it, you use that to create your model.

bin - A simple HTTP service with controlled behaviour.

  •    CoffeeScript

A simple HTTP service with controlled behaviour, inspired by httpbin. The service makes use of HTTP headers, and predominantly Prefer, in order to allow the client to control server behaviour.

moqui-framework - Use Moqui Framework to build enterprise applications based on Java

  •    Groovy

Note that a runtime directory is required for Moqui Framework to run, but is not included in the source repository. The Gradle get component, load, and run tasks will automatically add the default runtime (from the moqui-runtime repository). For information about the current and near future status of Moqui Framework see the ReleaseNotes.md file.

google-analytics-service-accounts - Node library for Google Analytics REST API using service account

  •    Javascript

This library provides tools to use the Google Analytics REST API (GET only). Use of the REST API requires authentication, and this module provides an implementation of Google's oAuth instructions for 'service accounts' (instead of using the Google api for Node library).

eve-building-restful-mongodb-backed-apis-course - Course materials and handouts for EVE: Building RESTful MongoDB-backed APIs course

  •    Python

Eve is an open source Python REST API framework designed for human beings. It allows to effortlessly build and deploy highly customizable, fully featured RESTful Web Services. This course will teach you to effortlessly build RESTful services based on Flask and MongoDB.