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offline-plugin - Offline plugin (ServiceWorker, AppCache) for webpack (https://webpack.js.org/)

  •    Javascript

This plugin is intended to provide an offline experience for webpack projects. It uses ServiceWorker, and AppCache as a fallback under the hood. Simply include this plugin in your webpack.config, and the accompanying runtime in your client script, and your project will become offline ready by caching all (or some) of the webpack output assets.

sw-precache - A node module to generate service worker code that will precache specific resources so they work offline

  •    Javascript

Service Worker Precache is a module for generating a service worker that precaches resources. It integrates with your build process. Once configured, it detects all your static resources (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, images, etc.) and generates a hash of each file's contents. Information about each file's URL and versioned hash are stored in the generated service worker file, along with logic to serve those files cache-first, and automatically keep those files up to date when changes are detected in subsequent builds. Serving your local static resources cache-first means that you can get all the crucial scaffolding for your web app—your App Shell—on the screen without having to wait for any network responses.

sw-toolbox - A collection of service worker tools for offlining runtime requests

  •    Javascript

Service Worker Toolbox provides some simple helpers for use in creating your own service workers. Specifically, it provides common caching strategies for dynamic content, such as API calls, third-party resources, and large or infrequently used local resources that you don't want precached. Service Worker Toolbox provides an expressive approach to using those strategies for runtime requests. If you're not sure what service workers are or what they are for, start with the explainer doc.

Workbox: JavaScript libraries for Progressive Web Apps

  •    Javascript

Workbox is a collection of JavaScript libraries for Progressive Web Apps. Workbox is available on npm. We have installation instructions available depending on your build tool or bundler of choice, including webpack. Even on an unreliable connection, your web app can still work using the right runtime caching strategies.

sw-precache-webpack-plugin - Webpack plugin that generates a service worker using sw-precache that will cache webpack's bundles' emitted assets

  •    Javascript

SWPrecacheWebpackPlugin is a webpack plugin for using service workers to cache your external project dependencies. It will generate a service worker file using sw-precache and add it to your build directory. A simple configuration example that will work well in most production environments. Based on the configuration used in create-react-app.

ember-service-worker - A pluggable approach to Service Workers for Ember.js

  •    Javascript

ember-service-worker is built and maintained by DockYard, contact us for expert Ember.js consulting. Please do! We are always looking to improve this library. Please see our Contribution Guidelines on how to properly submit issues and pull requests.

offline-plugin-pwa - PWA for offline-plugin made with offline-plugin

  •    Javascript

This is a Progressive Web App built with offline-plugin for offline-plugin to demonstrate its abilities and provide minimal example of its usage.

gulp-sww - Gulp plugin that creates all the support needed in serviceworkers to make your web app run offline

  •    Javascript

A gulp plugin to make your web app work offline. Once applied to your app, this plugin code caches all your frontend assets using service workers if supported.

firefighter-demo - 🚨 Demo to improve an existing firefighter app by making it queue tasks offline

  •    HTML

When the fire truck goes out, it has to communicate with a dispatcher, which will help facilitate if they need more water, supplies, or backup. The app is very simple, purposefully so- because they want everyone to be able to use it, quickly, at a glance, and there aren’t that many things they might need. For their use case, what they created is perfect.

serverpush-serviceworkers-example - HTTP/2 Server Push & Service Workers example

  •    Javascript

This code example is explained in https://blog.yld.io/2017/03/01/optimize-with-http-2-server-push-and-service-workers.

cache.adderall - ⚡ An impatient version of cache.addAll()

  •    Javascript

cache.adderall(⚡) speeds up your service worker installations, and saves bandwidth for you and your users. It is a drop-in replacement for cache.addAll(), but unlike cache.addAll() it is just too lazy to go to the network every time you update your service worker. Instead, cache.adderall(⚡) always looks for files in existing caches first, and only goes to the network if it has no other choice… such a lazy bastard.

meteor-service-worker - An universal service worker for meteor apps

  •    Javascript

So you can be disconnected of the server and your application is working perfectly and synchronise to the server as long as you don't close your tab. But if the client isn't connected, for whatever reasons (server down, no connection), he cannot use your website. To make Meteor working offline we just need to cache javascript and CSS files so we can return them from the cache if the user cannot connect to the server.

webxr-webpack-boilerplate - Starter Kit for building rich, immersive WebXR prototype projects (featuring A-Frame) PWA with Webpack and SASS

  •    Javascript

Here is overview of WebXR Webpack Boilerplate project and what's included. Project ./src contains some unnecessary files which are included for demo and example purposes. You can remove all of these files and associated references and imports from your project.

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