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easemesh - A service mesh implementation for connecting, control, and observe services in spring-cloud

  •    Go

EaseMesh is a service mesh that is compatible with the Spring Cloud ecosystem. It is based on Easegress for the sidecar of service management and EaseAgent for the monitor of service observing. Service mesh compatible with Spring Cloud ecosystem: Micro-service in Spring Cloud ecosystem has its own service registry/discovery components. It is quite different from Kubernetes ecosystem using DNS for service discovery. The major Service Mesh solution (e.g. Istio) using the Kubernetes domain technology. It is painful and conflicted with Java Spring Cloud ecosystem. EaseMesh aims to make Service Mesh compatible with Java Spring Cloud completely.

swoft-component - 🗂 This is a Repository of centralized management of all Swoft components

  •    PHP

This reposiory is used to manage all swoft components. All components will NOT be modified in the original repository of component, SHOULD ALWAYS be modified in this repository, also commit and push to this repository, and use git subtree push to sync changes to the original repository of component.

dubbo-registry-nacos - Dubbo Registry for Alibaba Nacos

  •    Java

dubbo-registry-nacos is a Dubbo's registry implementation integrating with Nacos that is service registry server. Before you integrate dubbo-registry-nacos into your Dubbo project, you need to start a Nacos server in the backend. Refer to Nacos Quick Start for instructions on how to start a Nacos server.

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