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serverless-dynalite - Serverless plugin to run Dynalite locally (No JVM needed!) to handle DynamoDB development

  •    Javascript

A Serverless plugin to run Dynalite locally to handle DynamoDB development. Can watch for table config changes.

emulator - Serverless Emulator which lets you run serverless functions locally

  •    Javascript

Emulate your Serverless functions locally. You can run npm run watch to automatically re-build the files in the src directory when they change.

serverless-dynamodb-local - Serverless Dynamodb Local Plugin - Allows to run dynamodb locally for serverless

  •    Javascript

Note: Read the detailed section for more information on advanced options and configurations. Open a browser and go to the url http://localhost:8000/shell to access the web shell for dynamodb local. To remove the installed dynamodb local, run: sls dynamodb remove Note: This is useful if the sls dynamodb install failed in between to completely remove and install a new copy of DynamoDB local.

serverless-s3-local - Serverless s3 local plugin.

  •    Javascript

serverless-s3-local is a Serverless plugin to run S3 clone in local. This is aimed to accelerate development of AWS Lambda functions by local testing. I think it is good to collaborate with serverless-offline. This software is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE.

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