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serverless-chrome - 🌐 Run headless Chrome/Chromium on AWS Lambda (maybe Azure, & GCP later)

  •    Javascript

Serverless Chrome contains everything you need to get started running headless Chrome on AWS Lambda (possibly Azure and GCP Functions soon). Why? Because it's neat. It also opens up interesting possibilities for using the Chrome DevTools Protocol (and tools like Chromeless or Puppeteer) in serverless architectures and doing testing/CI, web-scraping, pre-rendering, etc.

serverless-sinatra-sample - Demo code for running Ruby Sinatra on AWS Lambda

  •    Ruby

This sample code helps get you started with a simple Sinatra web app deployed on AWS Lambda. It is tested with Ruby 2.5.x and bundler-1.17.x. These directions assume you already have Ruby 2.5.x and AWS CLI installed and configured. Please fork the repo and create an access token if you want to create a CodePipeline to deploy the app. The pipeline-cfn.yaml template can be used to automate the process.


  •    Javascript

Combining the power of Cloudflare Workers and React will allow you to render the same React code you would on the browser on Cloudflare Workers. Cloudflare Workers allow you to write JavaScript which runs on all of Cloudflare's 150+ global data centers.