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speakingurl - Generate a slug – transliteration with a lot of options

  •    Javascript

Generate a slug with a lot of options; create a so-called Semantic URL or 'Clean URL' or 'Pretty URL' or 'nice-looking URL' or 'Speaking URL' or 'user-friendly URL' or 'SEO-friendly URL' from a string. This module aims to transliterate the input string.

meta-tags - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Ruby on Rails applications.

  •    Ruby

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin for Ruby on Rails applications. MetaTags master branch fully supports Ruby on Rails 4.2+, and is tested against all major Rails releases up to 5.1.

usus - Webpage pre-rendering service. ⚡️

  •    Javascript

Static HTML pages with inline CSS load faster and are better indexed than single page applications (SPA). ūsus pre-renders single page applications into static HTML with the critical CSS inlined. Removing the blocking CSS and inlining the CSS required to render the page increases the perceived page loading speed. Presumably, improves SEO by reducing the page loading time.

urlify - PHP port of URLify

  •    PHP

A PHP port of URLify.js from the Django project. Handles symbols from Latin languages as well as Arabic, Azerbaijani, Czech, German, Greek, Kazakh, Latvian, Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. Symbols it cannot transliterate it will simply omit. Please note that the "ü" is transliterated to "ue" in the first case, whereas it results in a simple "u" in the latter.

VueCnodeJS - Vue2.x 初/中级项目,CnodeJS社区重构。(Vue.js Junior Project, Rewrite cnodejs.org )预览(DEMO):

  •    Vue


seomatic - A turnkey SEO implementation for Craft CMS 2

  •    PHP

A turnkey SEO implementation for Craft CMS that is comprehensive, powerful, and flexible. SEOmatic works on Craft 2.4.x, Craft 2.5.x, and Craft 2.6.x.

phearjs - PhearJS - render dynamic Javascript webpages to JSON with PhantomJS

  •    CoffeeScript

PhearJS renders webpages. It runs a server which supervises a set number of PhantomJS workers that do the actual parsing and evaluation. Many websites rely on AJAX and front-end rendering. When a machine requests a page from such a website it sees a completely different page than you would see when viewing it in a browser.

django-meta - Pluggable app to allow Django developers to quickly add meta tags and OpenGraph, Twitter, and Google Plus properties to their HTML responses

  •    Python

This pluggable app allows Django developers to quickly add meta tags and OpenGraph, Twitter, and Google Plus properties to their HTML responses. django-meta is now maintained by Nephila on github. Old bitbucket repository won't be updated anymore.

Crawlme - Ajax crawling for your web application

  •    Javascript

#Crawlme A Connect/Express middleware that makes your node.js web application indexable by search engines. Crawlme generates static HTML snapshots of your JavaScript web application on the fly and has a built in periodically refreshing in-memory cache, so even though the snapshot generation may take a second or two, search engines will get them really fast. This is beneficial for SEO since response time is one of the factors used in the page rank algorithm.Making ajax applications crawlable has always been tricky since search engines don't execute the JavaScript on the web sites they crawl. The solution to this is to provide the search engines with pre-rendered HTML versions of each page on your site, but creating those HTML versions has until now been a tedious and error prone process with many manual steps. Crawlme fixes this by rendering HTML snapshots of your web application on the fly whenever the Googlebot crawls your site. Apart from making the process of more or less manually creating indexable HTML versions of your site obsolete, this also has the benefit that Google will always index the latest version of your site and not some old pre-rendered version.

ZenstruckRedirectBundle - Store redirects for your site and keeps statistics on redirects and 404 errors

  •    PHP

This bundle adds entities for redirects and 404 errors. For redirects, 404 errors are intercepted and the requested path is looked up. If a match is found it redirects to the found redirect's destination. The count and last accessed date are updated as well. A redirect form type and validation is available as well.

f19n-obtrusive-livetest - A sandboxed, extendable testing chrome extension and framework! It runs pre-defined and custom tests on each page that you visit

  •    Javascript

It's a sandboxed, extendable live-testing chrome extension and framework! It runs pre-defined and custom tests on each page that you visit and delivers direct visual feedback. It has multiple pre-defined rules currently targeting SEO, webperformance and social media best practices.

janus - the two-faced application library-framework.

  •    CoffeeScript

Janus is a library-framework designed to simplify web application flow through the application of FRP and reactive programming principles. It was conceived in order to facilitate applications that could be freely rendered server- and client-side from a single codebase -- the dedication to purely functional userland code and idempotent rendering/templating operations arose as a natural outcome of this goal. This is not a complete application framework -- it contains many of the relevant building blocks, but needs to be supplemented with, amongst other things, a DOM manipulation library like jQuery, and a web application server like Express or Flatiron. Janus is different from other FRP frameworks in two predominant ways: it is meant to look familiar and friendly to application programmers with a background writing traditional Javascript web applications, and it eschews any desire to model streams of events and signals over time, instead concentrating on providing easy, stateless mappings from the current state of the system to the UI. It does so through pragmatic purity -- in cases where imperative code can be made perfectly clear and side effects are inconsequential, Janus does not attempt to obfuscate simple operations with cognitively complex purely functional abstractions.

seo-bundle - A SEO Solution for duplicate contents, page titles, etc.

  •    PHP

This package is part of the Symfony Content Management Framework (CMF) and licensed under the MIT License. It provides a solution to make content bundles aware for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

serp-tool - Track the keyword positions

  •    Javascript

Track the web sites positions in time. To keep the processes alive, install the forever, this installation needs root permission.

websnap - Simple web snapshot service

  •    Javascript

Include a raw phantomjs implementation and a nodejs implementation. The phantomjs version(named in *-phantom.js) is only for reference, only the nodejs version will be maintained. First, make sure PhantomJS 2.0 is installed.

The-Tramp - Chaplin.js on Node.js. Use it for performance boosts, SEO, re-usability.

  •    Javascript

Chaplin.js on Node.js. Use it for performance boosts, SEO, re-usability. The problem is the last request can become very large over time, especially as back-ends scale. This can result in up to or even more than one second of delay.