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Windows Input Simulator (C# SendInput Wrapper - Simulate Keyboard and Mouse)

  •    CSharp

The Windows Input Simulator provides a simple .NET (C#) interface to simulate Keyboard or Mouse input using the Win32 SendInput method. All of the Interop is done for you and there's a simple programming model for sending multiple keystrokes.

node-ahk - Desktop scripting with Node.js based on IronAHK ⌨🖱🔥

  •    CSharp

This project aims to use IronAHK in Node.js via Edge.js with the benefit of all the existing modules on npm.There's a project that's further ahead in development called RobotJS.


  •    Javascript

This is an NPM and browserify compatible version of jQuery.sendkeys. It's very useful for testing HTML pages by simulating key presses on text inputs and textareas.