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Semantic-UI-React - The official Semantic-UI-React integration

  •    Javascript

See the Documentation for an introduction, usage information, and extensive examples.These great products are built on Semantic UI React. Add yours here.

pagy - The ultimate pagination ruby gem

  •    Ruby

Pagy is the ultimate pagination gem that outperforms the others in each and every benchmark and comparison. The best way to quickly get an idea about Pagy is comparing it to the other well known gems.

suicrux - 🚀 Ultimate universal starter with lazy-loading, SSR and i18n. [not maintained]

  •    Javascript

Ultimate universal starter with lazy-loading, SSR and i18n. /static folder + url-loader. Everything in /static/public/ is copied to /dist/client with copy-webpack-plugin.

Fomantic-UI - Fomantic-UI is a community fork of Semantic-UI

  •    Javascript

A community fork of the popular Semantic-UI framework. EDIT: Lots has changed since we started this project and we are now starting the development of FUI v3. You can read more about the > v3 proposals here.

Semantic-UI-Angular - Semantic UI Angular Integrations

  •    TypeScript

Semantic-UI-Angular is a pure AngularJS 1.x set of directives for Semantic-UI components. We are considering Angular 2 support in the future. We've decided to use TypeScript as a step to Angular 2 friendly environment.We are working on setting up proper environment, contribution guidelines and everything else for comfortable community contributions. Once we release first alpha.0 we are happy to get community help.

Semantic-UI-Vue - Semantic UI integration for Vue

  •    Javascript

There is a lot to do and few maintainers with little time :). If you'd like to help with this project, please let us know. Semantic UI Vue is the Vue integration for Semantic UI.

semantic-edit - :pencil2: Real-time Preview Enabled Semantic UI Composer

  •    Javascript

Copy the following Semantic-UI markup to Semantic Edit editor.You could copy and paste any Semantic UI components.

react-semantic-ui - React components for semantic-ui

  •    Javascript

React components for semantic-ui. See individual component docs for more details. The purpose of this project is not to recreate every semantic-ui component but only where it makes sense and React components can add value.

generator-grail - Yeoman Generator for a modular One Page Application with Gulp, CoffeeScript, Stylus, Browserify, BrowserSync and Mocha

  •    CoffeeScript

My personal Holy Grail for quickly getting started with a sweet webdev environment. If you can't catch it, at least you can come close. Using/modifying it for over a year, haven't looked back. This will create a bare-bone webdev environment for a modular one page application. Check out the README.md for an app to see what you'll get and how it works.

semantic-ui-react-typescript-examples - Several examples using Semantic UI, React, and TypeScript

  •    TypeScript

Several examples built with Semantic UI, React, and TypeScript. Fixes a header to the top of the view port and a footer to the bottom, while the region in the middle can scroll. Semantic UI supports fixed menus on the top and bottom out of the box, but they require manually adding padding to the middle region to avoid overlap. By using flexbox for layout instead, that extra padding is not required.

flask-vue-semantic-docker - Flask+VueJS+SemanticUI+Nginx+Docker boilerplate

  •    Python

Setting up docker + nginx + flask + vue + semantic is hardly an easy task if you want to setup production and development environments. This is my attempt in the matter. Notice that, some containers are not complete (ux) because, well, vue does not have a non interactive install. As webpack is a every-changing beast, leave a issue at https://github.com/italomaia/flask-vue-semantic-docker/issues if something doesn't work. There might have been a change in a dependency at some point.

hexo-theme-aloha - A hexo theme, use semantic ui.

  •    HTML

Aloha is a HEXO theme, it use Semantic UI. modify your site's configuration file _config.yml, set the theme's value to aloha.

aui - Aui is Semantic UI + React

  •    Javascript

Aui is a small, lightweight glue library that integrates Semantic into React as properties, which feels more natural. Instead of many new React Components, all properties that === true are automatically translated into the className of each tag. Semantic Modules and other semantic javascript can be called as it was intended, like semantic's dropdowns, form validation, and even api.

SemanticUI-Angular - Angular Directives for Semantic UI

  •    Javascript

This library provides over 100 Angular directives for building Semantic UI elements, collections, views & modules. Check out the Documentation where you can see examples similar to those on http://semantic-ui.com except with angular directives.


  •    Javascript

After spending a few days on this issue, I decided to create a boilerplate so other developers don't run into the same issues I did when trying to add Semantic UI to a project of my own. Run the font path fix.

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