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node-chromedriver - An installer and wrapper for Chromedriver.

  •    Javascript

An NPM wrapper for Selenium ChromeDriver. What this is really doing is just grabbing a particular "blessed" (by this module) version of ChromeDriver. As new versions are released and vetted, this module will be updated accordingly.

nemo-screenshot - Plugin for Nemo testing framework for adapting selenium screenshot capabilities

  •    Javascript

The plugin takes as argument the path to save the screenshots and an optional eventsArray. The events array can have one or more of the following elements.If set, the test title will be used as the screenshot filename when an exception occurs. Default screenshot filename is ScreenShot_onException-[process_id]-[timestamp].png, which is not easy to identify the failing test case.

wp-e2e-tests - Automated end-to-end tests for WordPress.com

  •    Javascript

Automated end-to-end acceptance tests for the wp-calypso client and WordPress.com in general.See the configuration documentation for details on setting configuration values and environment variables.

lambdium - headless chrome + selenium webdriver in AWS Lambda using the serverless application model

  •    Javascript

This uses the binaries from the serverless-chrome project to prototype running headless chromium with selenium-webdriver in AWS Lambda. I've also bundled the chromedriver binary so the browser can be interacted with using the Webdriver Protocol. The function interacts with headless Chromium process using chromedriver and a popular webdriver node.js client library.

limo - A wrapper around selenium webdriver

  •    Clojure

A Clojure library that's a small wrapper around selenium webdriver. Why a new wrapper? This library aims to provide a high-level capybara-styled api.

jest-webdriver - Connect Jest tests to Selenium WebDriver

  •    Javascript

Connect Jest tests to Selenium WebDriver. The project is in progress. It only supports running preinstalled WebDrivers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, IE) without additional options. Capabilities configuration will be added soon. Pull requests welcomed.

frontend_testing - Repository containing sample code used in a Frontend Testing workshop

  •    Javascript

This repository contains different examples that are used during a basic Frontend Testing workshop. The examples are provided in Java with TestNG+Fluentlenium and JavaScript with WebDriverIO+Mocha+Chai.