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ember-power-select - The extensible select component built for ember.

  •    Javascript

Ember Power Select is a select component written in Ember with a focus in flexibility and extensibility. It is designed to work well with the way we build Ember apps, so it plays nicely with promises, ember-concurrency's tasks, ember-data collections and follows idiomatic patterns.


  •    LiveScript

ReactSelectize is a stateless Select component for ReactJS, that provides a platform for the more developer friendly SimpleSelect & MultiSelect components. Both SimpleSelect & MultiSelect have been designed to work as drop in replacement for the built-in React.DOM.Select component.

dropdown.js - A dropdown plugin that does what you expect. (NEEDS MAINTAINER)

  •    Javascript

Finally a dropdown plugin that transforms select inputs in nice dropdowns and does not drive you crazy.Dropdown.js get rid of this problem, in fact you just need to run the plugin one time and it will take care of every new input which matches your rules.

selectize-ng - Selectize directive for AngularJS with two-way bindings for both values and options

  •    Javascript

Selectize.js directive for AngularJS with two-way bindings for both values and options. config in the above examples are selectize config objects as documented here.

vue-selectize - A Vue.js directive for selectize.js.

  •    Javascript

A Vue.js directive for selectize.js. After installing the plugin with Vue.use you can use the v-selectize directive.

selectize-scss - A port of the Selectize.js-styles from LESS to SCSS

  •    CSS

Selectize.js is a great jQuery-plugin for displaying custom <select>-elements. Unfortunately it relies on LESS as a CSS-precompiler. As I personally rely on SCSS and I also want to be able to configure the design of Selectize.js by using variables, I made a port to SCSS.

ember-cli-selectize - An Ember and Selectize integration, packaged as an Ember-cli addon.

  •    Javascript

Should run wherever Ember and Selectize run. Run either command below depending on Ember version in your project folder.

ember-selectize - An Ember and Selectize integration.

  •    Javascript

Please use the new https://github.com/miguelcobain/ember-cli-selectize repository. This provides an Ember-cli addon and a standalone release. This repository will be unmaintained. Should run wherever Ember and Selectize run.


  •    Javascript

Angular directive that wraps the Selectize hybrid textbox + <select> box library by Brian Reavis. Two-way binds to the ngModel.