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sops - Secrets management stinks, use some sops!

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Or download RPM & DEB packages from go.mozilla.org/sops/dist/.Or whatever variation of the above fits your system and shell.

summon - CLI that provides on-demand secrets access for common DevOps tools

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summon is a command-line tool to make working with secrets easier. Note installing summon alone is not sufficient; you need to also install a provider of your choice before it's ready for use.

conjur - CyberArk Conjur automatically secures secrets used by privileged users and machine identities

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Note: our badges and social media buttons never track you. We welcome contributions of all kinds to Conjur. See our contributing guide.

summon-conjur - CyberArk Conjur provider for Summon

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Conjur provider for Summon. Note Use the summon-conjurcli provider if you are on Conjur v4.4.0 or earlier.