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micrOS - An Arduino Mega Operating System With TFT TouchScreen Support

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An Arduino Mega Operating System With TFT TouchScreen and Micro SD Card Support. This is an operating system I have written from scratch for Arduino Mega. It is optimized to work with MCUFriend's 3.5 inch TFT TouchScreen shield and I am currently working to support the SIM900 GSM Shield for SIM Card Support. Tests on this shield and the OS have been conclusive, but I still have to fix stuff here and there, therefore I am not releasing the BaseBand (GSM Shield) code for it yet. It should, however, boot without that with a small kernel patch, refer to patches.

sdcard - [UNMAINTAINED] Tessel library for the SD card module.

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[UNMAINTAINED] This library does not have a maintainer. The source code and repository will be kept at this URL indefinitely. If you'd like to help maintain this codebase, create an issue on this repo explaining why you'd like to become a maintainer and tag @tessel/maintainers in the body. Driver for the sdcard Tessel SD Card module. The hardware documentation for this module can be found here.