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laravel-vue-boilerplate - :elephant: A Laravel 5

  •    PHP

Notice that all the changed data on that website sample, such as password and CRUD actions, won't be stored. The TypeScript code tries to follow the Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide, the linters are already included and configured.

stormbringer - Stormbringer is an HTML5 responsive starter theme for WordPress built with Twitter Bootstrap

  •    PHP

Stormbringer is a starting WordPress theme based on Bootstrap from Twitter. Created by Nicolas Mollet (http://twitter.com/nicomollet). To enable LiveReload, add define('LIVERELOAD', true); to your wp-config.php file.

pokesprite - Pokémon icon database and sprite sheet generator

  •    PHP

This simple script generates a complete image sprite of all Pokémon in the National Pokédex, along with the icons for every single in-game item. It also generates SCSS and JS files which can then be used to efficiently display the icons from the sprite on a website. Displaying the sprites is a matter of adding an empty <span> or <div> element with the appropriate class attribute set, and then running the JS decoration code. The base class is pkspr. Following the base class, you can add a number of classes that specify which icon is to be displayed.