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small jQuery plugin that transforms any div into a scrollable area with a nice scrollbar. Demo and more:

reactScrollbar - Scrollbar component for React

Simple ScrollArea component built for React. For React 0.13 you need to wrap <ScrollArea> child into a function.


A lightweight jQuery custom scrollbar plugin, that triggers event when reached the defined point.

scrollbar-style - A node module to detect the scroller style ("overlay" or "legacy") on OS X

This package detects the preferred scroller style for Atom on OS X using the +preferredScrollerStyle method on NSScroller. For compatibility, this library always returns "legacy" on Windows and Linux.

ng-scrollbar - A custom scrollbar written in pure AngularJS

A custom scrollbar written in pure AngularJS.Works with the mouse and on touch screen.

TOScrollBar - An interactive scroll bar for traversing comically massive scroll views.

TOScrollBar is a UI component that can be inserted into UIScrollView instances, allowing the user to traverse the entire scroll view in one swiping gesture. It has been designed to appear and behave like a standard system control, and has been optimized to ensure it has minimal impact on scroll performance.

jquery.minimap - A Sublime Text-like "minimap" for in-page navigation.

This plugin provides a "minimap" for in-page navigation, similar to that in Sublime Text 2. This came from UX discussions while redesigning Janrain's documentation site. Specifically, we tried to include long-form narrative content as much as possible, with lots of screenshots, tables, and inline graphics. We made good use of jQuery waypoints for in-page navigation, but we felt that even so, users would want a better way to orient themselves to where they are on the page, and an easier way to jump to the section they want.

ember-perfect-scroll - Perfect scroll component as an Ember cli addon

This is just a wrapper as an Ember component around perfect-scrollbar. Addon provides only ps-content class alongside with default classes.

jquery-scrollable - A jQuery plugin that enables custom scrollbars

This plugin adds customizable scrollbars to any element. You can style the scrollbars using CSS. Include the CSS file.

Optiscroll - Custom scrollbars for modern webapps. Supercharge the native scroll!

Optiscroll is an tiny (9kB min / 3.9kB gzip) and highly optimized custom scrollbar library for modern web apps. Optiscroll aims to be as light as possible in order to not affect the performance of your webapp. Optiscroll does not replace the scrolling logic with Javascript. It only hides native scrollbars and allows you to style the fake scrollbars as you like. Moreover, Optiscroll adds custom events and methods to extend browser scroll functionalities.

react-scroll-box - Charged cross-browser and cross-platform scrollable container implementation with no external dependencies but React 0

Note I'm currently working on resct-scroll-box@0.3. It would contain 50+ configurable paramters and would provide fine grained tracking of scrolling events and their causes. Charged cross-browser and cross-platform scrollable container implementation with no external dependencies but React 0.13+.

react-text-input - Textarea and input components with custom scrollbars and autogrow in both axes.

Abstract component that expects arbitrary editing control as a child. Manages placeholder and autogow. One line text input component. Generally behaves like regular input. Inherits all properties from GenericInput and regular input.