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football-cli - ⚽ Command line interface for Hackers who love football

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Please register on football-data.org to get your API Key. Then run $ football config to add your API Key (use sudo if required). Requests made using API key increases your rate limit from 50 requests per day to 50 requests per minute.

EarlyAP - Proxy specifically available for AP scores to enable simple early access to your scores without any storing of your College Board account details or dealing with untrustable proxies

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The most popular AP® test score retrieval service, trusted by over seven hundred thousand AP® students. This service is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the College Board®. Early Scores acts as a proxy to allow students to retrieve their scores on July 5th no matter where they are in the world. Retrieving scores poses a unique problem, as students must provide their username and password for the College Board® website in return for highly confidential information. Early Scores aims to make this process as fast and safe as possible, while scaling to support thousands of users simultaneously and providing accurate results. This problem is difficult to solve due to the unknown and uncontrollable variable of the College Board® and their website.

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