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activerecord-mysql-unsigned - Enable to use the "unsigned" option in the integer type for migrating of ActiveRecord

  •    Ruby

Add unsigned option to integer type for ActiveRecord's MySQL2 adapter.You can redefine in the existing fields.

migu - Database schema migration tool for Go

  •    Go

Migu is an idempotent database schema migration tool for Go.Migu is inspired by Ridgepole.

carpenter - Carpenter is a tool to manage DB schema and data

  •    Go

carpenter is a tool to manage DB schema and data inspired by naoina/migu. By using this, you can manage the database structures and data as text (JSON, CSV) and it can be versioned. carpenter can restore the database structure and data from text, or can export them to text in easy.carpenter has four simple commands are classified database structure and data. For each command is also available to use as indivisually.