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node-hue-api - Node.js Library for interacting with the Philips Hue Bridge and Lights

  •    Javascript

An API library for Node.js that interacts with the Philips Hue Bridge to control Philips Hue Light Bulbs and Philips Living Color Lamps. This library abstracts away the actual Philips Hue Bridge REST API and provides all of the features of the Phillips API and a number of useful functions to control the lights and bridge remotely.

react-native-magic-move - Create magical move transitions between scenes in react-native 🐰🎩✨

  •    Javascript

A follow up project called react-native-shared-element has been created which can be considered the successor to react-native-magic-move. It it an all native solution that provides superior performance (no more passes over the react-native bridge) and transitions. It however does not support some of the more exotic transition types (flip, shrinkAndGrow) that Magic Move does. It also doesn't support the web-platform yet and requires native extensions to run. New users are advised to use react-native-shared-element when possible. As for Magic Move, no more new developments will be started for Magic Move, merely critical bug-fixes. This notification will be updated as development on react-native-shared-element progresses. * The native extensions are recommended to get the best performance, but they are not required. This makes it possible to use react-native-magic-move with expo or react-native-web. If you're having trouble installing the native extensions, please see this guide on how to install them manually.

Scene.js - JavaScript & CSS timeline-based animation library

  •    Typescript

Scene.js is a JavaScript & CSS timeline-based animation library. It supports two plays Javascript and CSS animation. It provides effect presets that can give animation effects or make animation easier.

d-zone - An ambient life simulation driven by user activity within a Discord server

  •    Javascript

D-Zone is a graphical simulation meant to abstractly represent the activity in your Discord server. This is not meant for any actual monitoring or diagnostics, only an experiment in the abstraction of chatroom data represented via autonomous characters in a scene.

rusty-editor - Scene editor for rg3d engine

  •    Rust

Scene editor for rg3d engine. It should be noted that this editor is the scene editor, it does not allow you to run your game inside like many other editors do (Unreal Engine, Unity, etc.). This fact means that each prototyping iteration of your game will take more time. Having the ability to run game inside editor would be nice indeed, but this is too much work for one person and I just don't want to spend time on this.

skeletal-animation-system - A standalone, stateless, dual quaternion based skeletal animation system built with interactive applications in mind

  •    Javascript

skeletal-animation-system aims to give the user a flexible module for managing skeletal animations across different 3d models and bone groups. skeletal-animation-system aims to provide a sane API for starting, stopping and interpolating skeletal animations.

display-tree - A JavaScript tree implementation designed to be efficiently "flattened" and sorted.

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript tree implementation designed to be efficiently "flattened" and sorted. Built with realtime rendering in mind, and forms the generic part of scene-tree.Creates a new node. data is an optional object that may be supplied for assigning additional data to a node: in most cases, you'll want to include some basic information about the node using this.

scene-tree - Modular scene graph for composing and manipulating objects in a 3D scene.

  •    Javascript

Modular scene graph for composing and manipulating objects in a 3D scene. Built on top of display-tree, with additional functionality for calculating model/normal matrices.See demo.js for a full example.

turntable-camera - A turntable camera for use in 3D scenes

  •    Javascript

A turntable camera for use in 3D scenes. Useful as a limited alternative to orbit-camera in specific cases.Creates a new turntable camera instance.

scenegen - :fireworks: Generate Scenes for Home Assistant

  •    Python

Scenegen is a scene generation tool for Home Assistant home automation software. It creates scenes by example, by reading the current states of devices and outputting a corresponding scene. Scenegen is written in python using Home Assistant's RESTFul API so can be run from anywhere. It currently supports lights and switches only.For full installation instructions and documentation are found here.

scenescoop - A tool to describe the content of videos and suggest similar scenes in other videos/films

  •    Python

Scenescoop is a tool to get similar semantic scenes from a pair of videos. Basically, you input a video and get a scene that has a similar meaning in another video. You can run it as a python script or as a web app.Scenescoop uses the im2text tensorflow model to analyze videos on a frame to frames basis and get a description of the content of those images. Frames with the same description are grouped together to create a sequence or scene.

blocks.js - JavaScript dataflow graph editor

  •    Javascript

blocks.js is a JavaScript visual editor for editing dataflow graph, it can be used to edit processes graphs.Note that this is just a flexible front-end editor, there is no back-end here.


  •    Javascript

THREE.Terrain is a procedural terrain generation engine for use with the Three.js 3D graphics library for the web. The latest releases of this project have been tested with three.js r86.

react-regl - Custom React Fiber Reconciler Renderer for Regl WebGL

  •    Javascript

There is a React Storybook included in the /docs directory with usage examples. The source for the Storybook is in /stories directory and demonstrates how to create the examples. This library is a React wrapper for the Regl library. Visit the Regl gallery page for more ideas on usage.

panzoom - Universal pan and zoom library

  •    Javascript

Extensible, mobile friendly pan and zoom framework (supports DOM and SVG). If you download from CDN the library will be available under panzoom global name.

scorsese - Cute parallax engine

  •    Javascript

Cute parallax engine. See demo. .actor-element will start moving since 0px to -150px when .scene-element top will be in viewport until element bottom will be in viewport.

gl-scene - build 3d scenes with shapes and lights using stack.gl

  •    Javascript

Design and manipulate 3d scenes using stack.gl components. The goal of this module is to make it easier to build 3d scenes, while maintaining full flexibility and composability with the stack.gl ecosystem, including the emphasis on writing modular shader code. It provides a higher-level interface on top of core stack.gl components, and includes a CSS style selector system for controlling appearence. Much of the functionality is defined in separate modules that can be used on their own, in particular gl-material and gl-shape.

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