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ProxySQL - High-performance MySQL proxy

  •    C++

ProxySQL is a high performance, high availability, protocol aware proxy for MySQL and forks (like Percona Server and MariaDB). It has an advanced multi-core architecture. It's built from the ground up to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections, multiplexed to potentially hundreds of backend servers. The largest ProxySQL deployment spans several hundred proxies.

hapi-socketio-redis-chat-example - :speech_balloon: Real-time Chat using Hapi

  •    Elm

Node.js Chat Apps are practically the "Hello World" of real-time apps. If you Google for "node.js chat example" you will see thousands of results! But ... 90% of the examples use Express.js, 95% use MongoDB to store data/messages and 100% have zero tests. So, this example is for the the people who prefer to have examples that are fully explained (including tests). As with all our examples we have a suite of tests.

hapi-socketio-redis-riot-chat-example - :speech_balloon: Real-time Chat using Hapi

  •    Javascript

This example adds Riot.js to our popular Hapi.js Socket.io and Redis Publish/Subscribe chat application example, as per issue #20. We took our basic chat app example and decided to add in Riot.js to replace the portion of the code where HTML was being dynamically generated.