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Sangria - Scala GraphQL implementation

  •    Scala

Sangria is a scala GraphQL library. I would also recommend you to check out http://try.sangria-graphql.org. It is an example of GraphQL server written with Play framework and Sangria. It also serves as a playground, where you can interactively execute GraphQL queries and play with some examples.

finch-sangria - A simple wrapper for using Sangria from within Finch.

  •    Scala

Some simple wrappers around Sangria to support its use in Finch. Set the max depth to whatever suits your schema (you'll likely need >= 10 for the introspection query).

rb-graphql-template - A template for Scala HTTP GraphQL services.

  •    Scala

This is a service template for a GraphQL-based API. It is a small stateless HTTP API that aggregates, proxies and transforms downstream APIs. In particular, this template exposes a subset of the Star Wars API. Redbubble also makes available a purely HTTP version of this template (on which this is based).

drunk - A simple GraphQL client on top of Sangria, Akka HTTP and Circe.

  •    Scala

A simple GraphQL client on top of Sangria, Akka HTTP and Circe. Take into account the client automatically adds the '__typename' field to every selector, so it's not required to be added in the queries.

ubeer - 🍻 Ubeer is a stupidly simple application to demonstrate the capabilities of GraphQL in Scala using Sangria and Akka HTTP

  •    CSS

It was developed for a lightning talk I gave at NE Scala NYC 2017 on 24 March 2017. The slides of this talk can be found at https://astori.fr/graphql-nescala. This will compile the project, load the JSON files in memory, print the GraphQL schema in the console and start the Akka HTTP server.

sangria-slowlog - Sangria middleware to log slow GraphQL queries (with OpenTracing and apollo-tracing extension)

  •    Scala

sangria-slowlog - Sangria middleware to log slow queries. With middleware, Sangria provides a very convenient way to instrument GraphQL query execution and introduce profiling logic. sangria-slowlog provides a simple mechanism to log slow queries and show profiling information.

graphql-gateway - SDL-based GraphQL gateway for REST and GraphQL-based micro-services

  •    Scala

After this is done, you can start the sever just by executing graphql-gateway - the server will automatically read the schema from all *.graphql files in a current working directory and watch them for changes. There is also a fat JAR available on release notes: graphql-gateway.jar.

bootstrap-akka-graphql.g8 - g8 bootstrap template for akka microservices with an graphql endpoint

  •    Scala

This is a boilerplate template for a akka graphql microservice with slick and flyway database migration. You can use it to create your own GraphQL Services on top of the lightbend stack. For launching application in Docker, you must configure database docker instance and run docker image, generated by sbt.