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ransack - Object-based searching.

  •    Ruby

Ransack is a rewrite of MetaSearch created by Ernie Miller and developed/maintained for years by Jon Atack and Ryan Bigg with the help of a great group of contributors. Ransack's logo is designed by Anıl Kılıç. While it supports many of the same features as MetaSearch, its underlying implementation differs greatly from MetaSearch, and backwards compatibility is not a design goal. Ransack enables the creation of both simple and advanced search forms for your Ruby on Rails application (demo source code here). If you're looking for something that simplifies query generation at the model or controller layer, you're probably not looking for Ransack (or MetaSearch, for that matter). Try Squeel instead.

chasqui - Chasqui adds persistent publish-subscribe (pub-sub) messaging capabilities to Sidekiq and Resque workers

  •    Ruby

Chasqui adds persistent publish-subscribe (pub-sub) messaging capabilities to Sidekiq and Resque workers. Chasqui uses Redis to store events and manage subscriptions. You can install Redis with your favorite package manager, such as homebrew, yum, or apt, or if you prefer, you can run vagrant up to run Redis in a virtual machine. If you already have Resque or Sidekiq working, then you already have everything you need to get started with Chasqui.

validation - Validations with Ruby objects

  •    Ruby

Validations with Ruby objects. The MIT X11 License Copyright (c) 2011-2012 Kenichi Kamiya See MIT-LICENSE for further details.

ruby-macho - :nut_and_bolt: A pure-Ruby library for parsing Mach-O files.

  •    Ruby

A Ruby library for examining and modifying Mach-O files. The Mach-O file format is used by OS X and iOS (among others) as a general purpose binary format for object files, executables, dynamic libraries, and so forth.

SSD1306-ruby - Ruby library for the SSD1306 OLED display.

  •    Ruby

This is a library for the SSD1306 OLED Display written in Ruby. It was inspired by Adafruit's libraries written in Python and C. Much of the original logic was simply ported from their Python library, but in addition this Ruby library provides additional functionality such as print and println helpers. The library also features simple image parsing.

dji - CLI and Ruby tools for drone-maker DJI's store, account, and more

  •    Ruby

CLI and Ruby tools for drone-maker DJI's store, account, order status and more. If you already have Ruby installed on your computer, you can install this. Otherwise, go install Ruby and come back to these instructions.

striuct - Struct + validation + default_value + aliasable + inheritable + etc...

  •    Ruby

The MIT X11 License Copyright (c) 2011 Kenichi Kamiya See MIT-LICENSE for further details.

open_dota_api - Ruby Gem for OpenDotaApi

  •    Ruby

💎 Unofficial Ruby Gem for OpenDotaAPI. This API provides Dota 2 related data. ⚠️ Please keep request rate to approximately 3/s.

neo-ruby - Ruby library for interacting with the NEO blockchain

  •    Ruby

Smart contract development and interaction with the Neo blockchain in Ruby. neo-ruby is a Ruby library for interacting with the NEO blockchain.

multi_io - A Ruby IO object that can be composed of other IO objects

  •    Ruby

MultiIO is a Ruby IO object that is composed of other IO objects. It is meant to be used as a drop-in replacement for regular IO objects like files, sockets, stdout/stderr streams etc. This is useful, for example, when one wants to duplicate writes to multiple destinations (e.g. standard output, a file and a socket). Similarly, it can be used to read the concatenation of multiple IO sources.

gopherbot - DevOps Chatbot written in Go, inspired by Hubot and Jenkins

  •    Go

Gopherbot logs in to your team chat like a normal user, and can respond to CLI-like commands for interacting with infrastructure. Since Gopherbot relies heavily on external shell utilities and scripting languages (python, ruby, bash) for adding functionality, it's strongest use case is kind of a "super CRON", running jobs on a schedule or on demand, and reporting any problems in your team chat. It can be used with strongly-encrypted secrets to run ansible playbooks or python/ruby/curl scripts interacting with remote APIs. Other use cases include manually triggering software deployments, or updating a status message on your company's website. If you have a collection of scripts for doing this kind of thing, and have ever wished you could trigger these scripts in your team chat, chances are good Gopherbot is the tool for you. You can find a lot more information in the introduction of the online manual. Gopherbot uses a model similar to Ansible, distributing a core robot with an array of built-in functionality. Individual robots are configured and stored in a git repository that is cloned during the robot bootstrap process; several example robot repositories are given below.

sidekiq-influxdb - Writes Sidekiq job execution metrics to InfluxDB

  •    Ruby

Sidekiq server middleware that writes job lifecycle events as points to an InfluxDB database. Also includes classes that write global Sidekiq metrics and queue metrics. This library assumes that you already have an InfluxDB client object set up the way you like. It does not try to create one for you. If that is not the case, you can learn how to create a client in InfluxDB client documentation.

confidentiality - :lock: Portable, secure by default cryptography

  •    Java

Portable, secure by default cryptography. Important: This library is not a substitution for well seasoned TLS implementations and only exists as a supplementary means of offering cryptographic primitives. Make sure you understand the limitations of each function before you use them.

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