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Claws Mail - Email Client and News Reader Based on GTK+

  •    C

Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, lightweight, and fast e-mail client and newsreader. Supports POP3, APOP, IMAP, SMTP, SMTP AUTH, NNTP, LDAP, multiple accounts, spell-checking, addressbook, SSL, GPG, filtering, i18n, & more. It is further extended by plugins. Lots of extra functionality, like an RSS aggregator, calendar, or laptop LED handling, are provided by extra plugins.

FreshRSS - A free, self-hostable aggregator…

  •    PHP

FreshRSS is a self-hosted RSS feed aggregator such as Leed or Kriss Feed. It is at the same time lightweight, easy to work with, powerful and customizable.

Selfoss - The new multipurpose rss reader, live stream, mashup, aggregation web application

  •    PHP

The new multipurpose rss reader, live stream, mashup, aggregation web application. Its feature include Web based rss reader, Universal aggregator, Mobile support, OPML import and lot more.

feedhq - FeedHQ is a web-based feed reader

  •    Python

Then deploy the Django app using the recipe that fits your installation. More documentation on the Django deployment guide. The WSGI application is located at feedhq.wsgi.application.

News-Weaver - A web based RSS Aggregator

  •    Javascript

Feel free to create issues and pull requests for any features and errors.

Apricot - Desktop Mascot for Windows

  •    CSharp

This repository contains Apricot implementation for Windows. Apricot is a desktop mascot who reads RSS/Atom news feeds and add comments on the news one by one. Inspired by fed news articles, a character speaks to you in a way that human beings never can. Please see http://www.kawatan.net/ for more information.

feedpushr - A simple feed aggregator daemon with sugar on top.

  •    Go

A simple feed aggregator daemon with sugar on top. You can override this settings by using program parameters. Type feedpushr --help to see those parameters.

sux0r - it sux0rs up all the web

  •    PHP

sux0r is a blogging package, an RSS aggregator, a bookmark repository, and a photo publishing platform with a focus on Naive Bayesian categorization and probabilistic content. OpenID enabled (version 1.1); as both a consumer and a provider. Current status: maintanence.

rssnotifier - Node RSS reader telegram bot

  •    Javascript

An RSS reader on steroids. A Node backend handles the feed parsing and reading. The match function flags specific elements, based on user-defined keywords (queries).

news - Minimalist RSS/Atom aggregator 📰

  •    Go

News is a minimalist RSS/Atom aggregator that saves to HTML files. Running news creates 📂news directory containing a sample 📰index.html file which you should edit with your own RSS/Atom feed sources.