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boson - A C++14 framework for asynchronous I/O, cooperative multitasking and green threads scheduling

  •    C++

This project is currently a proof of concept. New features and performance improvements are to be expected in the near future. The Boson Framework only supports Linux on x86-64 platforms for now, but Windows and Mac OS are in the roadmap.

redux-routines - 💥 Simple, yet effective tool for removing Redux boilerplate code.

  •    Javascript

Simple, yet effective tool for removing Redux boilerplate code. The redux-routines is utility library for redux whose main goal is simplicity and boilerplate reduction.

dotbro - Dotbro - simple yet effective dotfiles manager.

  •    Go

Dotbro is a tool which helps you install and keep your dotfiles up to date. Read about dotfiles on GitHub page. I think this article by Lars Kappert will give you enough understanding. So, if you don't have your dotfiles repository yet, it's time to create it. Next, read further to explore an easy way to manage your dotfiles.

bodyweight-client - An Elm Frontend for a BodyWeight Workout Logging Application.

  •    Elm

A Bodyweight Workout Log frontend written in Elm. The API server lives in a separate repository, but the two repos will probably be merged at some point.

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