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angular-svg-round-progressbar - Angular module that uses SVG to create a circular progressbar

  •    TypeScript

If you're using SystemJS as your module loader, there is also a UMD bundle at ./node_modules/angular-svg-round-progressbar/dist/round-progress.umd.js. The module comes with some pre-configured options for things like colors, size, stroke etc. If these don't match your app's design, you can change the global defaults by providing a new value for the ROUND_PROGRESS_DEFAULTS injection token. Whenever an option isn't defined on a round-progress element, it's value will be taken from the defaults.

Rounded Corners / DIV Container


The RoundedDiv round corners container is a skin-able, CSS compliant UI control. Select which corners should be rounded, collapse and expand the contents or use "Ctrl+Click" to collapse or expand ALL round containers on a page.

round-to - Round a number to a specific number of decimal places: 1.234 → 1.2

  •    Javascript

Numbers are rounded to a specific number of significant figures. Specifying a negative precision will round to any number of places to the left of the decimal.Round the decimals with Math.round.

chaikin-smooth - Chaikin's smoothing algorithm for 2D polylines

  •    Javascript

Chaikin's smoothing algorithm for 2D polylines.Performs the smoothing algorithm on the specified path, returning a list populated with the additional smoothed points. If the input path has a length of <= 2, the result will be a new array with the same points as the input.

groupstage - Group stage tournament

  •    Javascript

GroupStage is a simple and customizable, early stage tournament. A group stage is designed to pick out the best players by first splitting them up in fair groups of requested size, then round robin schedule each group. They are advantageous compared to eliminations because they guarantee groupSize-1 matches per player. By combining a group stage with a later elimination round, the best players get picked out for an exciting finale.

roundrobin - A round-robin scheduler used in different tournaments

  •    Javascript

A simple round robin tournament match scheduler using the standard scheduling algorithm. MIT-Licensed. See LICENSE file for details.

RoundProgressTextView - TextView with Round Pogress

  •    Java

TextView with Round Pogress. You can customize to what you want.

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