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TrustMeAlready - 🔓 Disable SSL verification and pinning on Android, system-wide

  •    Java

An Xposed module to disable SSL verification and pinning on Android using the excellent technique provided by Mattia Vinci. The effect is system-wide.

ROOT Builder


Allows you to build ROOT (http://root.cern.ch) sources easily on your local Windows machine using Visual Studio 2003, 2005, and 2008. It supports debugging ROOT using VSIDE as well.

node-app-root-path - Determine the root path to your project

  •    Javascript

Please Note: Due to the very limited scope of this module, I do not anticipate needing to make very many changes to it. Expect long stretches of zero updates—that does not mean that the module is outdated. This simple module helps you access your application's root path from anywhere in the application without resorting to relative paths like require("../../path").

RootHelper - A Bash script that downloads and unzips scripts that will aid with privilege escalation on a Linux system

  •    Shell

Roothelper will aid in the process of privilege escalation on a Linux system that has been compromised, by fetching a number of enumeration and exploit suggestion scripts. The latest version downloads five scripts. Two enumeration shellscripts, one information gathering shellscript and two exploit suggesters, one written in perl and the other one in python. The credits for the scripts it fetches go to the original authors.

AndroidShell - Execute shell commands on Android.

  •    Java

Execute shell commands on Android. The result will contains the exit code, standard output (stdout), and standard error (stderr).

sudo-block - Block users from running your app with root permissions

  •    Javascript

When a file containing this function is run with root permissions it will exit and show an error message telling the user how to fix the problem, so they don't have to run it with sudo.Custom message.

durand-kerner - Finds roots of polynomials by Weierstrauss' method

  •    Javascript

Finds all the roots of a polynomial by Weierstrass' method (or known in Abramowitz&Stegun as the Durand-Kerner method). This is basically a generalization of Newton's method that works for multiple roots.Finds the roots of a polynomial whose real coefficients are given by r_coeff and imaginary coefficients by i_coeff.

is-elevated - Check if the process is running with elevated privileges

  •    Javascript

By checking if the process is root on Unix systems or if the user is Administrator on Windows.Keep in mind that root and Administrator mean different things so this module might not be suitable for your use-case.

node-commondir - Compute the closest common parent for file paths

  •    Javascript

Compute the closest common parent directory for an array absolutePaths.Compute the closest common parent directory for an array relativePaths which will be resolved for each dir in relativePaths according to: path.resolve(basedir, dir).

rootrequire - npm install --save rootrequire # then `var root = require('rootrequire'), myLib = require(root + '/path/to/lib

  •    Javascript

Require files relative to your project root.This was written for the "Learn JavaScript with Eric Elliott" courses. Don't just learn JavaScript. Learn how to change the world.

grunt-relative-root - Relativize absolute paths in HTML and CSS

  •    Javascript

Relativize absolute paths in HTML and CSS. Local directory used as the base for relative paths. If root: 'public' then the URL '/images/logo.png' in the file 'public/events/solstice.html' will be rewritten as '../image/logo.png'.

root-require - require() using a relative path from the root directory of the present module

  •    Javascript

a more convenient require method for running TESTS ONLY. THIS MODULE PROBABLY DOES NOT WORK IN THE WAY YOU EXPECT IT TO WORK ALL THE TIME. I REPEAT: IT HAS DIFFERENT BEHAVIOR BASED ON HOW IT'S BROUGHT IN AS A DEPENDENCY THAT WILL CAUSE YOU HEADACHES. ESPECIALLY IF YOU USE IT IN TWO MODULES WHICH DEPEND ON ONE ANOTHER. (this is because of the way npm optimizes dependencies, and this module doesn't address that, since it's for testing only.).

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