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road-orientation-map - A visualization of road orientations on an interactive map

  •    Javascript

Divides 360° into 64 bins and accumulates lengths of road segments with corresponding orientations, then plots the distribution as a polar chart. Two-way roads are counted for both directions. Check out my blog post about how it was made.

forestatrisk - :package: :snake: Python package to model and forecast the risk of deforestation

  •    Python

The forestatrisk Python package can be used to model the tropical deforestation spatially, predict the spatial risk of deforestation, and forecast the future forest cover in the tropics. It provides functions to estimate the spatial probability of deforestation as a function of various spatial explanatory variables. Spatial explanatory variables can be derived from topography (altitude, slope, and aspect), accessibility (distance to roads, towns, and forest edge), deforestation history (distance to previous deforestation), or land conservation status (eg. protected area) for example.

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